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Puppy Program

About Our Puppy Program

A dog’s first year of life is the most important in regards to socialization and training. Doggie daycare can be a great outlet for energy and provide awesome socialization, but did you know it’s not a great idea for a young puppy to attend all day daycare all week. Puppies need LOTS of rest. They play hard for a good 10 minutes and then need 30 or more minutes to recover. This recovery time allows their body to rest as well as their brain to comprehend what he or she has just learned.

Our Puppy Program is designed to offer puppies the best start to life. Our Puppy Program is for puppies from 8-weeks to 7-months. Puppies need to have had at least one round of distemper/parvo (by a veterinarian) and the bordetella vaccine. Owners must then provide proof of vaccines as they come scheduled including a bordetella booster, all three rounds of distemper/parvo and rabies at 16-weeks. Puppies that haven’t received at least 2-rounds of the distemper/parvo vaccine will have limited social play to keep them as safe as possible. However, they will get lots of other activities. Keep reading for all the details.

puppy collage


The Puppy Program enrollment fee is $275. In addition to future discounts, this enrollment fee covers the following:

A Purple Pebble Fleece bed. This bed will stay at Pawtropolis throughout the program and will be used for teaching “go to bed”. It will be sent home upon graduating.

A treat allowance of up to 6 bags of treats that staff will be using specifically for your pup’s training.

Because learning to have their toenails trimmed is very important for every dog, the program includes weekly toenail trims. Staff make sure it always a positive experience.

Each puppy will receive a Lupine lifetime guaranteed, play-safe solid color collar and leash.

Includes the puppy’s Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation

Program Details

Upon arriving in the morning, each puppy will get their own bedroom for the day. During the day they’ll get to participate in a variety of activities suited for their age, small group play, outdoor play, introduction to the pool, cuddle time, lots of potty breaks, and lots of attention. Puppies will receive training each day suitable for their age and attention span.

Puppies that participate in the Puppy Program for a minimum of 2-months and come at least 8 x month should leave the program knowing the following skills:
-Go to bed
-Name recognition (recall)
-Wait for food & treats
-Wait at doorways

2-day program:   $92/week
3-day program:   $126/week
5-day program:   $190/week

Puppies that graduate the program (participating for at least 2-months and up to 6-months of age) will receive a 5% discount on all daycare packages until their
1-year birthday.

Email our Puppy Program Coordinators Katie Altman and Jordan Huff at to get more information and to enroll.

Our Puppy Program is only offered at our Eastside Olympic Drive location.