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Pet Perk Add-Ons!

Pawtropolis prides itself in having all inclusive boarding. We don’t charge extra for feeding special diets, giving medicines or even potty breaks for our individual boarding clients. We offer our guests fleece beds, a quality house food, and lots of staff interaction. We understand, however, that some pets need a bit more in order for them to feel relaxed and happy during their stay.

Our Pet Perks were designed to add even more to the quality of our guests’ stay. Owners can choose the ones they feel their pet would enjoy the most. By combining what we already offer in our guests’ stay with a few parent picked perks, we can make a boarding experience truly individualized for each pet’s temperament.

Some benefits of adding Pet Perks:

  1. Additional one-on-one time with the staff
  2. Added mental stimulation
  3. Exercise, especially for those dogs boarding in our more traditional options
  4. Helps relieve stress
  5. Gives them activities that they look forward to throughout the day
  • Valet Pet Pick-Up FREE

    If you have prepaid for your dog's services, simply call us once you arrive and we’ll bring your dog right to your car. At the westside location just park in the designated Valet Pick-up spaces near the rear door, or at the eastside location pull under the drive-thru and sit back and relax.

  • Fill-a-Kong $3.50

    What dog doesn't like peanut butter? We stuff an appropriate sized Kong toy with peanut butter, giving them a yummy treat and a stimulating activity while in their room. A favorite among the dogs!

  • Doggie Ice Cream $3.50

    Especially good for the hot summer months, frosty treats are ice cream like desserts that the dogs love.

  • Goodnight Cuddles $5.00

    Once everybody is in bed and the staff are ready to turn off the lights, someone will do a last minute tuck-in and goodnight kiss. Any special goodies the owners wants given can be done at this time too. Just a little extra attention right before bed.

  • Quality Time $9.00

    Special one-on-one time (a minimum of 10 minutes) with an animal caretaker. For most dogs this is simply sitting on the floor with them, providing lots of tummy rubs and kisses or a nice relaxing massage. This is a wonderful add-on for dogs that thrive on human attention and want more than the usual pets and check-ins throughout the day.

  • Hair Care $12.00

    This is great for the really furry dogs and cats that are having problems with shedding or matting. A caretaker will spend 10-minutes doing a good brush-out. Add this to a bath time for a noticeable decrease in shedding. Need more brushing? $6 for each additional 10 minutes.

  • Splash Time - Eastside Location $15.00

    Supervised fun for 20 minutes in either our indoor or outdoor pool. (Determined by staff based on weather and other factors).

  • Individual Playtime $15.00

    15-minutes of one-on-one playtime with a staff member. We can do a variety of things depending on what the pet enjoys: throwing a ball, tug-of-war, cuddle time, etc. Playtime can be done indoors or outside in our Central Bark area.

  • Hike - Westside Location $15.00

    Available at our Westside Bogart location, this perk is very common for our dogs staying in our Apartments or Suites, giving them a controlled way to get daily exercise. A caretaker takes the dog on a 15-minute walk outside of Pawtropolis. It gives them a chance to stretch their legs and get some of their energy out.

  • Daycare Play Add-On $14.00 / $21.00

    This perk is for dogs that have already passed the Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation, but would prefer to spend their overnight time in the Apartments or Suites. You can add on a 3-hour block of daycare or a full day. A Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation must be completed PRIOR to the board dates.

  • Good 'n Clean Bath Varies

    Is your dog boarding with us or attending daycare? If so, then you can request a Good ‘n Clean bath before picking your dog up. Simply let the staff know when you’ll arrive and we’ll bathe your dog an hour or two before pick-up. If your dog is participating in doggie daycare, we’ll keep them nice and clean in our drying pods until you arrive unless you request they go back into playgroups. The Good ‘n Clean is a quick simple bath that includes a towel dry and a quick hand dryer before pick-up. Price is determined by size of dog and coat length & condition.