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Want to be a member of our pack?

Are we currently hiring?

Yes! We are currently hiring for our PAW Crew Position and our Animal Caretaker Position. 

We are also hiring Professional Groomers. Groomers need a minimum of 2-years of experience. Email for details.

What does it take to join our team?

Pawtropolis employees work together to form a powerhouse team providing the absolute best in animal care for all the pets in our facility.
We look for people who will uphold our Pawtropolis Promises and that fit the following characteristics below!

Employees who can help on weekends and holidays

Since we provide overnight services, caring for the animals at Pawtropolis is a 24/7 job. Because of this, employees in the pet care industry are needed to help at all times including weekends and holidays. We work with our animal caretakers to ensure all holiday shifts are covered while also allowing staff to have special holiday time, too.

We love our college student employees and understand the need to work around class schedules, however, we cannot guarantee all school breaks and/or UGA football gamedays off. 

Employees who will help us uphold our Pawtropolis Promises

1. We put the care of the animals above ALL else.
2. We value honesty, transparency, and accountability.
3. We are committed to continual learning and growth.
4. We provide excellent customer service.
5. We have accessible Managers and Owners.

Employees who can handle the physical aspects of being an animal caretaker

All positions at Pawtropolis require a high level of physical activity. Below is a non-inclusive list of some of the tasks you’ll be expected to do.

-Lift a 40lb dog into a tub raised 3’ off the floor.
-Carry a 40lb bag of dog food.
-Have the strength to walk a dog weighing up to 150lbs.
-Be able to stay on their feet for up to 7 hours.
-Sweeping, mopping and/or spraying down of around 4,500 square feet.
-Ability to deal with outside elements in all seasons.
-LOTS of poop pickup!

Employees that have organizational & time management skills

Caring for animals requires the ability to multi-task. If you lack in organizational skills you may have difficultly with the job. You must be able to keep track of pets’ belongings and make sure all paperwork is completed and all tasks are done. For example, making sure all baths get done by their scheduled time.

Employees who are dependable & responsible

Being a part of a small business, each employee plays a vital role. Pawtropolis employees are asked to be very dependable and self-sufficient, needing little guidance once training is complete. We have strict attendance requirements since every person is vital to ensuring proper care of the animals in our care.

There are many important tasks involved with the care of pets (giving medications, caring for special need dogs, etc). Each employee needs to possess a high sense of responsibility and take pride in his or her work.

Employees who have amazing customer service skills

The foundation of our business is building trust with our clients. All employees need to excel in customer service, being able to confidently communicate with pet owners regarding their pets’ visits with us. 

How to Apply

Want to work here? Follow these steps to apply:

1. Make sure you are familiar with what we do. We recommend visiting and touring at least one location.

2. Pick up an application at the time of your visit, email us for a copy at or apply online below*.

3. Submit your application.

*Helpful Hint: The link below will take you to a fillable pdf. Once you complete the form be sure to save your changes. Go to “print” then, under “destination”, select “save as pdf”. Email as an attachment to the address above.

*Since we receive a high number of applications we do not contact every applicant. If we believe you would be a good fit for our team after reviewing your application, we will email you with additional questions or to set up an interview time. Thanks so much for your interest in being part of our team!