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The Pawtropolis Promise

If you stopped by Pawtropolis in our first decade or so, you were bound to run into me, my husband John, or even our little kids with their “Mommy’s Helper” nametags. I knew each and every dogs’ name. I could tell you what they ate, their favorite toys, and even a little bit about their family. Now, after 22 years, both Pawtropolis and my family have grown and things have naturally changed.
Many entrepreneurs are considered type A personalities – that was definitely true for me. I oversaw each detail at Pawtropolis. Then, after giving birth to twins, while also having a 2-year-old daughter, I quickly realized that investing in amazing managers to run the daily operations of each location was critical. My goal was to instill my passion into every one of them to ensure every dog and client receives the highest level of care. We’ve been blessed with amazing managers, supervisors, and shift leaders. It’s 25% training and company support and 75% finding incredible people.
Pawtropolis continues to expand. Our challenge is maintaining the small business, family-owned feel, and our strong client relationships, as we continue to grow.
We’ll accomplish this with the Pawtropolis Promise.

We Put the Care of Animals Above ALL Else: All of our business decisions are made with this philosophy in mind. Your pets’ well-being is paramount. We pledge to provide exceptional care and treat them with love, kindness, and attention throughout their stay.

We Value Honesty, Transparency & Accountability: Long term client relationships are built on open and honest communication. Our team will always reach out to you if there are any concerns regarding your pets’ stay and we welcome calls to check in on your pets. Our goal is to ensure you have complete peace of mind while your pet is with us. In the rare event of any errors or oversights on our part, we take accountability by doing everything in our power to make things right and ensure your pets’ safety and well-being, as well as maintain your trust in us.

We are Committed to Continual Learning and Growth: Our commitment to excellence means that we are always striving to improve our services. We invest in ongoing staff training and education so they can stay updated on the latest best practices in pet care.

We Provide Outstanding Customer Service: We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service that exceeds expectations and fosters lasting relationships. We provide personalized services, carefully assessing and listening to the unique needs of each pet and their owner. We strive to go beyond expectations, make our clients’ lives easier, and build relationships based on trust.

We Have Accessible Owners and Managers: We value your feedback and concerns. You can always reach out to Pawtropolis owners and managers. Your input helps us enhance our services and ensure your pet’s comfort.

Even though I think we are a pretty awesome company, we will never reach a point where we think we know everything or that we’ll never make a mistake. We are always learning and growing. 

Not only are we constantly learning new things, we occasionally make mistakes on the things we already know. We care for thousands of dogs and it’s possible to miss a bath or lose a favorite toy. Beyond simple mistakes, it’s even possible to have a staff member not uphold our high standards, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The real testament to the character of a business is how such situations are resolved. 

At Pawtropolis, we see these as opportunities to go above and beyond to make things right. Can we “wow” the client by how we follow up and communicate? Can we actually use this to build a stronger client relationship? Do we need to adjust a policy, offer additional staff training or take disciplinary actions? Bottom line, how can we make this right and how can we avoid it from happening again? Our client relationship is built on trust, so this is vitally important.

Reach out to us

We welcome and encourage clients to reach out to members of our leadership team. Our location managers are knowledgeable and friendly and work hard to build relationships and trust with their location clients. They are the first line of communication if issues arise. However, because customer service is so important to us, if an issue arises that can’t be resolved at the location level, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our Executive Manager Shane Allen. 

Working with your pet is an honor

We value you and value the trust you have in us. Taking care of your pets is an honor and a privilege. We will never forget that.