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Playgroup Compatibility

To find the best possible candidates for our playgroups every dog must first take our Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation before being able to join the fun.


Doggie Daycare is such a unique environment that many dogs have yet to experience it. Because dogs are allowed to interact with others in the playgroups it is important to closely screen the dogs before they are allowed to play. It is also important that the staff build a relationship with each dog, ensuring that they make the best, most fun and safest groups possible. Therefore, before attending daycare or boarding all dogs must first go through our Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation (PCE).

Evaluation Requirements

  • All males dogs over 7 months must be neutered, no exceptions.
  • Females dogs will not be allowed to stay if in heat or recently out of heat.
  • Dogs may not be aggressive with either people or other dogs and may not be overly possessive of toys.
  • Evaluations are done by appointment only Mondays – Thursdays.
  • Evaluations cannot be given on the same day as an overnight.
  • Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella must all be up-to-date. No handwritten records will be accepted.
  • Puppies are only allowed if they have had at least 2 series of puppy shots and bordetella.
  • Reservations for daycare or daycare overnight cannot be made until the Evaluation has been completed and passed.

Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation

  1. Confirm on our homepage that we are currently accepting new doggie daycare clients. Due to the high volume of dogs that want to attend our daycare program, the wait for evaluations can be relatively long. If you have specific timing needs, email to inquire about wait times for new appointments.

  2. Online Enrollment: Once you’ve confirmed that there is availability in our daycare program, click here to access our online registration and create your pet’s file. You will need to upload your dog’s vaccine records to your account showing proof that rabies, dhpp, & bordetella are current. We assume bordetella is due in 6-months unless your paperwork says otherwise. Handwritten records are not accepted.

  3. Call the Pawtropolis location of your choice to schedule your Parent Orientation & to schedule your dog’s evaluation. Do not make an evaluation request via our online software. Calling allows us to find the best appointment spot to meet your needs. 

  4. When you arrive at Pawtropolis for your dog’s evaluation, you should plan to remain with your dog for at least 30 minutes. A playgroup supervisor will come and meet your dog. Now is a good time to tell them as much as possible about your dog and how you expect them to do in group play. The group supervisor will also pet and love on your dog all over. They want to ensure that your dog will be comfortable with us handling him/her after you are gone. Once introductions are made, you may leave and the group supervisor will bring your dog to the back daycare area. 

  5. Once it is decided which group your dog is best suited for, the supervisor will bring your dog into the play area. All other dogs will be in a bedroom at this time. The supervisor will begin to introduce dogs to your new dog one at a time. We are not only watching for any signs of overly dominant behavior or aggressiveness, we are also making sure your dog feels safe and secure with each dog before meeting the next one. If the new dog is comfortable, we will continue to bring out one dog at a time until the whole group has been introduced. 

  6. New dogs need to stay at Pawtropolis for a minimum of four hours for their Evaluation. If they are doing well they may stay for the entire play day and not have to be picked-up until 7:30pm. 

  7. When you pick your dog up we will provide you with an Evaluation Review Sheet indicating your dog’s behavior throughout the day. The cost for the Evaluation is $33.  

  8. Congratulations! At this point your dog will be an official Pawtropolis Citizen. As long as all vet records are kept current, you are now invited to call/email and schedule daycare reservations whenever needed.

Your staff is amazing. Their love for the dogs is clear, and appreciated very much. Kudos to you, the owner, and the entire staff for such a wonderful place! I have already sung your praises to my friends…and will do that even more so now. 
– Winston’s “Mom”