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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

We take caring for your pets very seriously.

Our objective is to create an environment that prioritizes the safety, well-being, mental stimulation, and enjoyment of dogs and cats. We strive to minimize pets’ stress by engaging them in enriching activities like hikes, play sessions, social interactions, and more. At Pawtropolis, we learn about each animal under our care and customize their boarding arrangements to ensure a pleasant experience.

By fostering transparent communication and complete honesty, we cultivate strong relationships with our clients. We take full responsibility as caretakers for dogs and cats and collaborate with pet owners to minimize their pets’ stress when they have to be away from home.

Our ultimate goal is to have every dog excitedly pulling their owners through our doors, every cat eagerly anticipating their time in Kitty City, and every client entrusting us with the care of their beloved pet.

Our Core Values

Values we uphold every day and in every decision.

As we go about our daily activities here at Pawtropolis, whether we’re bathing a dog or cleaning the floors, our Core Values are always at the heart of what we do. If we have a policy decision to make, we always make sure that what we decide fits into our Core Values. If it doesn’t, we won’t do it. 

For example, even if a dog owner may get upset by us not allowing their dog into daycare with an overdue vaccine, we have to first rely on our Core Value #1; “We put the care of the dogs about ALL else,” and wouldn’t risk anyone’s safety. What if a staff member overlooks a scheduled medicine? Even if that missed medicine won’t affect the health of the pet, we still share our mistake with the owner and take responsibility. This is how we uphold Core Value #5, “having high personal integrity and honesty”. Our Core Values will always be upheld.

1. We put the care of the animals above ALL else.

2. We create fun and happy experiences for our clients and their pets.

3. We lead by example by being responsible pet owners.

4. We value the lives of all dogs by supporting the rescue of abandoned, unwanted and neglected pets.

5. We build trust with our clients by having high personal integrity and honesty.

Our Commitment to the Community

Pawtropolis is committed to enriching our local community.

We do this in many ways. First, Pawtropolis provides clients resources to help them be responsible pet owners. We provide training classes, resources on different topics, and a wonderful boarding facility for their pets. We promote spaying and neutering to all of our clients.  

Pawtropolis opens its doors to rescue organizations for adoption days and offers services for free or at discounted rates for their animals. We support groups financially by sponsoring and donating to special events. In July of 2001, Pawtropolis started Helping Paws Rescue. Helping Paws Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted and neglected pets. We have a successful adoption rate and work with adopters even after placement to ensure life-long matches. Though you currently won’t see as many dogs available for adoption through our program as before, we have rescued and rehomed over 800 pets as of 2023! 

Pawtropolis owner, managers, and staff also reach the community by speaking to children in schools throughout the surrounding counties. They teach the children about respecting others by how they learn to work with the dogs. They teach how to handle interactions with unknown dogs, and also provide them tips on how they too can be a responsible pet care owner. Many of the classes have actually raised money to sponsor Helping Paws Rescue dogs and cats, and also participate by coming up with names for the animals.