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Daycare & Kitty Cams

Westside Cams

Click here to watch the Westside Daycare and Kitty Cams.

Eastside Cams

Click here to watch the Eastside Daycare and Kitty Cams.

Some things to keep in mind as you watch!

Our webcam software is set up to work primarily on a PC with flash downloaded. However, it also works on many other devices. If you are having a hard time getting the webcams to pull up on your device you can first check on a PC with flash to ensure that our cameras are broadcasting correctly. If you feel our cameras aren’t working don’t hesitate to contact us and we can check on our end. If you feel it is your specific device and would like help troubleshooting please contact John at

Lunch/Nap Time
During approximately 12:45pm – 2:00pm almost all the dogs are put up for naptime (slightly different time on weekends). Dogs that have lunch will be fed at this time. This is also when the staff does their mid day cleaning and their shift change meeting.

Staff Breaks
Supervising active play is our top priority, for this reason, anytime staff need to leave playgroups the dogs must go into their bedrooms. Our AM and PM shifts each get a 15-minute break. You’ll see the dogs in their bedrooms during this time.

Dogs Sleep, Play, Sleep, Play
Don’t be surprised if you catch your dog napping. Normally during the day at home while their owners are gone, dogs are asleep, so it is normal for them to want to take some naps here as well. Also, play comes in cycles. Sometimes the whole group will be playing, other times they may all be passed out. Some dogs have difficulty regulating their own play. Breaks are VERY important for the dogs. 8-hours of non-stop play leaves a dog worn out and grumpy. Staff enforces breaks sporadically throughout the day to help each dog get the rest he or she needs.


Dogs Get Bedroom Time

We use our daycare bedrooms for a variety of reasons. Maybe your dog is trying to nap but the others want to play. Or maybe a dog is feeling a little nervous and would prefer some alone time. Sometimes dogs may get put into a bedroom because they are exhibiting behaviors that are unwanted in daycare and the staff need them to settle for a few minutes. This is normal. If your dog has a pattern of bedroom breaks for negative behaviors the staff will most certainly speak with you about this.

No We Don’t Encourage “Romancing”
Even though all males over 7-months are neutered in our playgroups, our staff still disciplines humping behavior. Dogs (even females) do this as part of play ritual or dominance setting. All part of the normal pack behavior. So if you notice a little of this “romancing” rest assured that as soon as a staff member sees the “action” they will put a stop to it.

Standing at the Gate

Even with all the dogs here for them to play with, many dogs are absolutely in love with our staff members. This is why you will see the dogs standing at the gates or all inside instead of outside playing. Many dogs like to watch what the staff are doing, hoping for a little pat on the head as they walk by. Our staff is great and the dogs love them.

Severe Weather or Construction Projects
Anytime our area receives any type of weather warning or advisory all dogs will be put into their bedrooms. Also, if we have maintenance men that have to go into the playgroups for repair work we will put them up then as well. This is to keep the dogs settled when unusual events are happening.