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Virtual Tour

Our Virtual Tour is a work in progress. We hope to have both locations online soon!

PlayingNothing beats an in person tour of our facilities. We feel that once you see us in person you'll quickly see and understand what makes us stand out from the rest. Please read our Core Values listed to the right in the orange box. Even the design of the facilites was done with these in mind.

Do you need an appointment to stop by for a tour? Absolutely not! We love when visitors and pet parents stop by. We want you to get to see what we do anytime of the day. Because we have nothing to hide, we've designed our facilities with lots of windows. So even in the areas where clients aren't allowed due to dog safety, we make sure you clearly see inside. We don't want you to HAVE to trust us, we want you to trust us based on what you can actually see. We are very transparent and that goes a long way in making our pet parents feel comfortable leaving their pets in our care.

Our virtual tours should be online soon.


Our Core Values

WhitenyAs we go about our daily activities here at Pawtropolis, whether we're bathing a dog or cleaning the floors, our Core Values are always at the heart of what we do. If we have a policy decision to make we always make sure that what we decide fits into our Core Values. If it doesn't, we won't do it. Our Core Values are also listed in order of importance with the most important being number one. With this in mind even if a dog owner may get upset by us not allowing their dog into daycare with an overdue vaccine, we have to first rely on our Core Value #1; "We put the care of the dogs about ALL else," and wouldn't risk anyone's safety. Our Core Values will always be upheld.

1. We put the care of the animals above ALL else.

2. We create fun and happy experiences for our clients.

3. We lead by example by being responsible pet owners.

4. We value the lives of all dogs by rescuing abandoned, unwanted and neglected pets.

5. We build trust with our clients by having high personal integrity and honesty.

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