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Pet Sitting

Sometimes your dogs just don't want to get out of bed, or maybe your cats don't like leaving home. In some situations in-home pet sitting is the best option for your pets.

Pawtropolis is proud to work closely with Mike Sprayberry with Five Points Four Paws Pet Sitting in order to provide in-home pet care for your pets. If you find that bringing your pets to our facility isn't an option for your dogs or cats then Mike is ready to help.

A little information about Five Points Four Paws Pet Sitting:

Five Points Four Paws offers the finest in neighborly pet-sitting services to both Clarke and Oconee Counties. Whether your pup needs a quick walk and a bathroom break while you are trapped at the office or more extensive care while you are out of town, our pet-sitters specialize in providing each of your pets with the level of care, love, and attention that you provide for them yourself. Choosing Five Points Four Paws means fun, friendly, professional and stress-free care for your pet while you're away.

As members of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, we give exceptional attention to detail and take note of your specific pet's needs. We believe that animals were born to explore, play, and be outdoors. We understand that indoor pets enjoy their luxurious lifestyles. We take great pride in maintaining those lifestyles for you and your pets while you are away. We also understand each pet needs a break to smell, feel and answer the call of nature. In your absence, Five Points Four Paws pet-sitters will visit, play with, and help exercise your pet as often as you like.

Five Points Four Paws Pet Sitting
Mike Sprayberry, Owner


Is Pet Sitting the Best Choice?

Pet sitting is a great option for many people. Cats usually do very well staying in their home while their owners are away. They are much more upset by a change in environment than dogs are. Pet sitting sometimes is the obvious choice for cats, especially for short trips.

Dogs that don't do well in doggie daycare environments, like Pawtropolis, that just need daily exercise would benefit greatly from a pet sitter stopping by for an afternoon walk.

Dogs whose owners will be out of town for extended periods of time are better suited being cared for under the watchful eyes of the Pawtropolis staff. Since they are very attached to their owners, lack of human contact throughout the day adds a level of stress to them that even being in their own home can't compensate. One-on-one Pawtropolis perks can help ease some of the stress from being away from family.

Whether in-home pet sitting or in-facility boarding, Pawtropolis and Five Points Four Paws has you covered!


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