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Our Mission

It's more than fun and games here at Pawtropolis. We take caring for your pets very seriously. Take a look at our Mission and Core Values.

Our Mission
BernardOur goal is to create an environment where dogs and cats are not only safe and healthy but also mentally stimulated and having fun. We create an atmosphere that lowers the level of stress for boarding pets. We "distract" them by providing activities that are enriching, such as hikes, playtimes, socialization with others and much more. We learn each and every animal in our care and modify their boarding arrangements to make them have a pleasant stay. Our ultimate goal is to have every dog pulling their owners through the door to get in, and every cat looking forward to Kitty City.

Our Commitment to the Community
HPRPawtropolis is committed to enriching the Athens community. We do so in many ways. First, Pawtropolis works with clients to teach them how to be responsible pet owners. We provide training classes, resources on different topics, and a wonderful boarding facility for their pets. We promote spaying and neutering to all of our clients. Pawtropolis opens its doors to rescue organizations for adoption days and offers services for free or at discounted rates for their animals. In July of 2001 Pawtropolis started Helping Paws Rescue. Helping Paws Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted and neglected pets. We have a successful adoption rate and work with adopters even after placement to ensure life-long matches.

Pawtropolis owner Amanda Crook also reaches the community by speaking to children in schools throughout the Clarke and Oconee Counties. She teaches the children about respecting others by how they learn to work with the dogs. She also provides them tips on how they too can help be a responsible pet care owner. Many of the classes actually raise money to sponsor Helping Paws Rescue dogs, and also participate by coming up with names for the animals.


In Memory of Amanda's Lacey Lee and Amanda's Treasured Tyler
By Amanda Crook

Many of you remember my girl Lacey (top picture). She passed away in February of 2008. I wrote this message on what would have been her first birthday after her death. I thought it would be a great thing for me to always use this day to remember why dogs are so important to me and so important to humans in general. I also want to remember the older dogs in our lives at the same time, so please bear with me as I get sentimental.

LaceyI had many dogs growing up. Lacey was my first dog. She was actually bought for me by my step-father and mom when I was only 15. I had always wanted a dalmatian. When I look back at my life, I can't even begin to express how that very moment changed my life. The second I met Lacey, the rest of the world melted away. Amanda's Lacey Lee ("Lee" is my step-dad's middle name).

I had Lacey from age 15 till age 30. So much happened in these 15 years. My life was a roller coaster, from high school to college (I even snuck her into my GA Tech dorm room for 3 weeks before getting into big trouble), to UGA, to planning for Pawtropolis, the opening of Pawtropolis, buying my first house and building the new Pawtropolis. Lacey was there every step of the way.

People call with all kinds of excuses for giving their pets up. They are moving to a new location, having financial problems, having a baby, or going through a divorce, or other problems in life. One of the reasons this shocks me so much is that when I am going through problems, when my life is changing, it is my dogs that get me through. The very thing that they are giving up is the very thing that can help them through it. But you know what? Even when they go to the pound and give up their pet, their pet still loves them, still wags his tail when they pet him goodbye. This is what dogs do, they love us no matter what. They love us even when we don't deserve it. (Believe me, there have been days where I didn't deserve it.)

I am amazed that dogs are one of the few species that actually seeks out the companionship of another species over their own. So many times I've come home from animal control with a new puppy. A puppy that has only known me during the drive to my house. I get home and my pack is there to welcome the new pup. We are in the backyard with my stable dogs and yet the pup chooses to come to me, stand under my feet and seek my protection. It chooses a human over it's own kind. How can you think dogs were put here for any other reason? They are here for us.

TylerI have been so blessed with my dogs. Lacey, my big man Tyler (who has also passed away, pictured here), and now Kenzie, Heidi and Bailey. Many people would say that my dogs are lucky, my dogs are spoiled. I do so much for them, blah, blah, blah. But I know that what I do for them will never even come close to paying them back for what they do for me. I'll buy them food, sure. I'll walk them and train them, sure. I'll make sure they have everything they need, sure. But I can only hope that I am able to express my love to them the way they do to me. It's hard work being my dog. I'm crazy, I have emotional problems, I don't like to be licked in the face, I make you behave, I sing horribly when they can only hear, I dance even worse, and yet they are there looking up at me with a face that says I can do no wrong. How lucky am I?

So I ask everyone today to take a minute, maybe two, to just appreciate your dogs. Appreciate that unconditional, non-judgement love that only a dog can provide (yet all humans seek). Maybe give them an extra cookie, take them for an extra long walk, give them a massage, but above all, use this day to recommit to them to providing all they need to be well-balanced. Recommit to them that you'll be there until their last breath -- after all, they would be there for you.


Our Core Values

WhitenyAs we go about our daily activities here at Pawtropolis, whether we're bathing a dog or cleaning the floors, our Core Values are always at the heart of what we do. If we have a policy decision to make, we always make sure that what we decide fits into our Core Values. If it doesn't, we won't do it. Our Core Values are also listed in order of importance with the most important being number one. With this in mind even if a dog owner may get upset by us not allowing their dog into daycare with an overdue vaccine, we have to first rely on our Core Value #1; "We put the care of the dogs about ALL else," and wouldn't risk anyone's safety. Our Core Values will always be upheld.

1. We put the care of the animals above ALL else.

2. We create fun and happy experiences for our clients.

3. We lead by example by being responsible pet owners.

4. We value the lives of all dogs by rescuing abandoned, unwanted and neglected pets.

5. We build trust with our clients by having high personal integrity and honesty.

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