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Kitty City

Cats don't want to be stuck in cages. They love to climb, stretch and lounge, and that's just what we encourage in Kitty City.

When cats first arrive, they are given a private double-sized cat condo. These digs are only temporary. This gives them a safe place where they can destress from the car ride and get acclimated to the smells and sounds of Kitty City. For most cats this "de-stressing period" lasts between one hour to one day. Once we see that the cat is comfortable and is meowing, rubbing on the front of the condo, and let's us handle them, we then allow them to come and explore with the other cats in Kitty City. For cats that remain shy and nervous, we continue to allow them private accommodations in the condos. Our goal is to do what is best for each individual cat that visits.

Our Kitty City is located far from the dogs. This allows the cats to enjoy a quiet environment (with a little music.) Kitty City boasts a huge bay window letting the cats have a piece of nature in the safety of our facility. We have several levels of climbing ledges and perches. Another way to keep the cats stimulated is by having large windows where they can view the Pet Boutique. At our Olympic Drive locatKittyion many of the condos have glass backs which allows the cats to see outside even if too nervous to come out of the condo.

Nervous about how your cat is while away? No problem, simply come to our website and view your cat by watching the Kitty Cam. Our Kitty Cam is active during our normal business hours. You'll mostly notice sleeping cats but it's comforting to be able to see your cat when you're away.


We admit that our requirements for cat boarding is much more strict than most facilities. This is because of the social environment that we provide. Allowing cats to socialize means taking extra precautions to ensure no infectious diseases. All cats must be current on Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV and have a negative yearly combo FeLV & FIV test. (Feline Bordetella is highly recommended but not required.)

You can now use our online registration system to create your client file. Though we aren't using our new software to accept reservations quite yet, we are using it to maintain client records. Click here to access our online registration.

Once you have completed your cat's online registration, call the location of your choice notifying them of your enrollment. They can help make any and all arrangements you need. Congrats! Your caCatst is now a Citizen of Pawtropolis!


Kitty City Prices (for both locations)
Prices include pick-up as late as 7:30 p.m. at no additional charge. Food is also included in the price.

One Cat: $27.00
Multiple Cats: $22.00/cat
Add Kitty Kaboodle Perk: $6.00





“Last year I was in France and this year as I experienced the cultures of Czech Republic and Hungary I had no worries about my cats. I would never have been able to do this without you as there is no where else I would consider leaving my cats for that long. For any clients who need to take longer trips you can be confident that your cats would be in great hands with Pawtropolis. I can attest to that as I've been in this position twice. Kitty City is a cutting edge concept in cat boarding. Your cats will not be miserable or bored there and you won't feel guilty leaving them for a long stay, as this is an open facility in which during the day your cats are not in their cages.”

Benefits of Kitty City:

Pawtropolis prides itself in the amazing environment that it has created for our feline clients. A common misconception is that cats are not social animals. To the contrary, cats typical enjoy being in the company of other cats if the introductions are done correctly. We have created an amazing Kitty City that even the most finicky cats will enjoy.


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