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Adoption Procedure

Our goal is to find life-long families for our foster animals. We ensure successful adoptions by making sure we match the right pet to the right family for both the families and the pets.


Step One
PupThe first step is to come and meet the animal that you are interested in. Pictures are great, but meeting the animal and better seeing his/her personality is necessary to determine if this is the right pet for you. This is also why we do not ship pets to families that have not yet met them. (Out of state? Read the bottom of the page.)

Step Two
Once you've decided which pet is right for you, the next step is to complete an adoption application and turn it into Pawtropolis. You may request an adoption application via email if convenient.

Step Three
Our committee then reviews the applications. If we have questions, we will contact you. If the application is approved, we then move forward with the next step. There are certain criteria that we hold all applications. Many are black and white. We apologize to anyone who is denied, however the applications are an important part of our decision making process. (Some examples are; other household pets not spayed/neutered, other pets not up-to-date on vaccines, etc.)

Step Four
Once the application has been approved, we then bring the pet to your home for a home visit. We are usually at your home for about one hour. This step is not only for us to decide whether or not to approve adoption, but to also give the potential owners another chance to spend time with the pet to make sure the match is right. We will decide whether the applicant is approved within 24 hours of the home visit.

Step Five
Adoption! Adoptions are completed at Pawtropolis.


Adoption Fees

Dogs over 4 months old: $150
Includes: rabies vaccine, dhpp vaccine, bordetella vaccine, tested heartworm negative, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, minimal to advanced training, sent home with collar and ID tag, chew bone, small toy, a weeks worth of food and a training DVD. Some fosters may have a higher adoption fee for various reasons. If so it will be stated on their bio.

Dogs under 4 months old: $100 + $50*
*$50 is refunded once proof of sterilization is provided.
Includes: all vaccinations the puppy is old enough for, minimal to advanced training, micro-chipped, sent home with collar and ID tag, chew bone, small toy, a weeks worth of food and training DVD.

Cats over 4 months old: $100
Includes: rabies vaccine, FVRCP, FeLV, combo FeLV and FIV test, spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, sent home with collar and ID tag, small toy and a weeks worth of food.

Cats under 4 months old: $75 + $25
*$50 is refunded once proof of sterilization is provided.
Includes: all vaccinations the kitten is old enough for, micro-chipped, sent home with collar and ID tag, small toy, a weeks worth of food and training DVD.


Out of State Adoptions (or over 3 hours away)
It is
very, very rare for us to do out of state adoptions. When it does happen the following needs to be followed:

  • CutieFill out the adoption application completely. Any supplemental information (some people include a letter) is helpful.
  • Include with the application: pictures of family, house, yard, other pets, etc. (basically to give us an idea of where the new pet will be living.)
  • Include with application: updated vet records and proof of sterilization of other pets in the house. If you rent you will also have to send us proof that pets are allowed where you live.
  • If the application is approved arrangements need to be made for the potential adopters to come to Athens and meet the pet. You will need to plan on being here at least a couple of hours. This is a chance for both parties to decide if this is a good fit. (WE DO NOT SHIP PETS.)
  • If the adoption goes through the new owner must sign saying that if for any reason they cannot keep the pet they will drive to Athens to return the pet to Pawtropolis.
WARNING: As strict as we are with our local adopters, we are even more strict with the requirements for out-of-state adopters. If there are any concerns at all on the application, or once we meet, we will not follow through with the adoption.

Why an Adoption Procedure?

The foster animals in Helping Paws Rescue have all been through a great deal before coming to us. Some from puppy mills, some from chains and some have seen home after home with no stability. Our goal is that the home we find for them is one that will last a lifetime.

AmeliaYes, we could adopt out hundreds more each year if we simply let people have the pets they wanted. But our goal is quality over quantity. We want to help match the right pet to the right home so that it's a match that will last forever. People who adopt from us appreciate the training we've put into our dogs. They also appreciate the work we do to ensure the pet they are looking at will actually be a good fit for their family.

Studies have actually shown that rescue groups who do home visits or "checks" have a lower return rate than groups that do not. We feel if you are patient with our process you will be extremely happy knowing you've made the right choice for your family.

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We have lots of great pets available for adoption!

Helping Paws Rescue

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