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Other Rescues

Lots of great rescues and shelters in and near the Athens area

Athens Animal Control

Athens Canine RescueCole
Great when looking for specific breeds to rescue

Athens Humane Society

Barrow County Animal Control

Oconee County Animal Control

Southern States Dachshund Rescue

Cat Zip Alliance
No number listed

Walton County Animal Control Shelter
(770) 267-1322

Pet Zone Dog Rescue
(770) 266-1060

Circle of Friends Animal Society
No number listed. Go to website for email addresses.

Walton Animal Guide


Excerpt from Amanda's Lacey Letter:

People call with all kinds of reaons for giving their pets up. They are moving, having financial problems, divorce, having a baby, problems in life. One of the reasons this shocks me so much is that when I am going through problems...when my life is changing... it is my dogs that get me through. The very thing that they are giving up is the very thing that can help them through it. But you know what? Even when they go to the pound and give up their pet, their pet still loves them, still wags his tail when they pet him goodbye. This is what dogs do, they love us no matter what. They love us even when we don't deserve it. (Believe me, there have been days where I didn't deserve it.)

CalvinI am amazed that dogs are one of the few species that actually seeks out the companionship of another species over their own. So many times I've come home from animal control with a new puppy. A puppy that has only known me during the drive to my house. I get home and my pack is there to welcome the new pup. We are in the backyard with my stable dogs and yet the pup chooses to come to me, stand under my feet and seek my protection. It chooses a human over it's own kind. How can you think dogs were put here for any other reason? They are here for us.

So I ask everyone today to take a minute, maybe two, to just appreciate your dogs. Appreciate that unconditional, non-judgment love that only a dog can provide (yet all humans seek). Maybe give an extra cookie, take an extra long walk, give a massage, but above all use this day to recommit to them, to providing them all they need to be well-balanced, recommit to them that you'll be there until their last breath....after all they would be there for you.

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