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Pawtropolis offers full service grooming. Call today to book your appointment!

Good 'n Clean Baths for Daycare & Overnight Guests Only
GroomingIs your dog boarding with us or attending daycare? If so, then you can request a Good 'n Clean bath before picking your dog up. Simply let the staff know when you'll arrive and we'll bathe your dog an hour or two before pick-up. If your dog is participating in doggie daycare, we'll keep them nice in clean in our drying pods until you arrive unless you request they go back into playgroups. The Good 'n Clean is a quick simple bath that includes a towel dry and a quick hand dryer before pick-up.
Prices determined by size of dog and coat length/condition.

*For dogs boarding 5 nights or more Good 'n Clean bath prices are 50%. Again, these prices are for dogs attending daycare or using our overnight services.

Pet Stylist Baths
Our Westside Pet Stylist Alison and our Eastside Pet Stylist Mariah Thompson can get the dirtiest dogs looking amazing again. If your dog just needs a good bath but doesn't need daycare or boarding, we can help with that too. Groomer baths are scheduled just like hair-cuts. Professional baths include a thorough brushout, nails dremeled, ears cleaned and anal glands externally expressed.
Since bath prices vary by size, call for specific pricing.

Specialty Haircuts
From Yorkies to Cocker Spaniels our groomers can do any breed specialty cut. They can also accommodate just about any special request as well. Want a mohawk on your husky? No problem.
Since haircuts styles vary, call for specific pricing.

Touch-up Trims (AKA "Sanitary Trims")
A sanitary trim is a great option for many pets. They get a good bath and brush out plus the groomer trims around the feet, face and bottom area. Great especially if you are wanting your long hair dog to grow our a nice coat or just wanting to keep your Golden Retriever looking nice.

Prices range from $35-$65+ depending on size of dog and coat condition.

Smoothies (AKA Shavedowns)
We have a special name for shavedowns at Pawtropolis. We call them "Smoothies." A smoothie is a close shave cut all over leaving the hair short and velvety.

Prices range from $45-$90+ depending on size of dog and coat condition.

Deshedding ServiceBailey
With the cold upcoming months, dogs are starting to develop their full winter coats. However, if your dog lives indoors, their coats become confused. They instinctually grow a thicker coat during these times, but then being inside a warm house makes them start to prematurely lose this extra fur. What does this mean? It means a furry house!

If you've ever complained about your dog's shedding problem or are tired of sweeping up a whole pile of dog hair off the floor everyday, then our de-shedding program is for you. We take the dog and provide the usual great bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, etc, but then top it off with an extensive blow-out and brush. We're talking serious brushing here. We guarantee you will notice a significant difference when your pet arrives home.
Prices range from $35-$80 depending on size of dog and coat length and condition.

Pampered Puppy Program
Just like with children, it can be hard to watch your puppy grow up and need their first-hair cut. However, we notice that many owners wait too long to introduce their puppy to the groomer. Even the fuzzy little puppy fur needs to brushed and combed. Visiting a groomer should be one of the essential steps to proper socialization for your puppy.Jack

During the first appointments, the groomer is working to make grooming a very fun and positive experience. They use kind, but firm demeanor to train the puppy to stand still and accept brushing and cutting without a problem and even begin to look forward to all the attention they receive during their groom time. At this point the puppy is learning to be handled. Establishing a good grooming routine early is imperative in order to have a well-balanced easily groomed dog. This will make your dog have no stress for future grooming visits. Besides the positive socialization aspects, this will also ensure your puppy will always have a beautiful mat-free coat.

Our Pampered Puppy Program includes shampoo, brushing, nails, and ears cleaned. Puppies under 4 months only.
Cost $25. No hair trimming.


Grooming Requirements

Grooming enrollment forms and vet records are required before your grooming appointment. Our groom dogs are only required to have proof of rabies. Dhpp and Bordetella are highly recommended but not required. Please email us to request enrollment forms.


Meet our Pet Stylists

Alison Wilbanks has been with Pawtropolis since January '08. Alison grooms full-time at our Westside location. She was originally trained at the International Academy of Pet Design in Alpharetta, GA, but her real skills have developed over the past many years working with the dogs entrusted to her grooming care. She has experience with all breeds and does a wonderful job.

A testament to her relationship with both the dogs and the clients, Alison is booked out weeks in advance. She has established a base of regular cliental that she truly cares about (evening having someone drive 4 hours to bring their dog to her).

Despite her experience, Alison continues to educate herself in all things grooming. Every year she attends the Atlanta Pet Fair, attending workshops and seminars teaching her the latest and greatest grooming techniques. She is certified in pet first aid and cpr and is even an AKC Safety Cerified Groomer. Alison maintains her membership in the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Alison has two amazing boys that share their home with dogs Ranger and Louie. She is pictures here with one of her many favorite grooming dogs Ollie. Alison has been a true blessing to both Pawtropolis is our clients. We hope to have her for another 10 years!

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Coaleigh today. She looks gorgeous and has been so pleased with herself all night long (she smells MUCH better too)! It meant a lot to me that you listened to my concerns and gladly show me the facility. After years of being afraid to board her and have her groomed (after a bad experience at another place), I will confidently keep bringing her to you guys! Thanks again!" Lauren

Keeping them Clean & Healthy:

Keeping your dog clean is about more than just having them smell good, it's for their health. Groom

Dirt and oil that build up on your dog's skin makes a wonderful breeding ground for parasites. Long haired dogs not kept clean are prone to heavy matting that sometimes causes the fur to have to be shaved off.

Simply having smelly fur won't hurt your dog, but sometimes a smell can indicate a health problem. For example, ear yeast with infection has a very distinct smell. Many owners misdiagnose this smell as the dog needing a bath, however, ear problems need to be addressed specifically and until the smell goes away the infection is still there. We recommend dogs getting their ears cleaned at every bath.

Tired of all that shedding with your short haired dog? Regular baths help take the dead fur off where you want it -- in the tub. A quarterly deshedding makes a big difference too.

The most important thing you can do is keep your dog's nails cut short. In order to maintain the proper length, we recommend trimming them at least every 2-3 weeks.

A clean dog is a happy dog!

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