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Enrolling for Doggie Daycare
In order for your dog to participate in our Doggie Daycare either for the day or while boarding, he (or she) must first take and pass our Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation. Visit here to learn all about scheduling your dog for an evaluation.

Enrolling for Non-Daycare Boarding

Because dogs boarding in the Apartments and Suites do not participate in the daycare activities, they do not have to have an evaluation prior to boarding. We do, however, have to have all paperwork completed and turned in before a reservation can be made. All information can easily be faxed to us. We will need the following at Pawtropolis before we can make a reservation:

  1. Vet Records: We have to have records from the vet showing that the dog is current on Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. Hand written records cannot be accepted.
  2. Enrollment Application: We must have a completed Enrollment Applications for every boarding guest. To get the forms ahead of time, you can request them by email at


Enrolling for Kitty City
Cats do not require an evaluation. You will need to provide us with records from your vet indicating that your cat has: Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV, and the yearly negative combo FeLV & FIV test. (Bordetella is highly recommended, but not required.) Hand-written records are not accepted. Warning: We require a higher standard of these requirements than most boarding facilities. This is because we allow socialization and want to protect all of our boarding guests. You will need to make sure that your vet has given your cat all of the above requirements.

An enrollment application will need to be completed and turned in with your cat's records before we can make any reservations. To get the forms ahead of time, you can request them by email at

Visit Kitty City for all the details.

“I just wanted to thank the puppy class instructors for the awesome puppy class. Bear is really learning a lot, and I am too. As a first-time dog owner, this class is a TREMENDOUS help, and I really appreciate you both being so knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful.”

Home Away From Home

One of the main reasons boarding your pet is normally a stressful experience for both the pet and owner is the dog's lack of familiarity with his or her surroundings and care takers. By allowing your dog to participate in our doggie daycare program regularly you build a second home away from home. If your dog isn't a good daycare candidate bringing them in occasionally just to say "hi" or even a quick one night visit goes a long way in making them feel comfortable when they have to board for longer periods of time.

The best thing for your dog is to have more than one place that they feel comfortable. Even pet owners who don't need doggie daycare on a regular basis should try to bring their dog at least a couple times a month. This keeps the dog familiar with the staff, the other dogs in playgroups and our facility. This way when they board they are very used to the routine and much less likely to experience anything negative related to stress.


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