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Doggie Daycare

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Dogs love to run, jump and
play, and that's just what we
encourage here in doggie
daycare at Pawtropolis.

After passing their Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation dogs get to spend their day in playgroups, rotating between indoor and outdoor play areas. Playgroups are formed with dogs of similar sizes and temperaments. When you drop off your dog, their furry friends immediately greet them, ready for a long day of play. The day is spent playing on the playground equipment, swimming in the kiddy pools, or just lounging around in one of our four playgroups.

Nap time is a must and lunch is available for those dogs whose parents request it. By the time parents arrive to pick-up their dogs from doggie daycare, they’ll find their dog tired, hungry and ready to go bed. This is a dream come true for many an equally tired pet owner.


Daycare Prices & Packages

Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation (PCE)
Single Dog: $25
Multiple Dogs: $23

Daily Daycare

Full-Day Single Dog: $22
Multiple Dogs: $20/each
Per Hour (up to 3 hours): $7
Late pick-up (7:30-8pm): $5

Daycare Packages
5-Day Package: $105
save $5

10-Day Package: $200
save $20

20-Day Package: $380
save $60Play

30-Day Package: $540
save $120

40-Day Package: $680
save $200

100-Day Bundle: $1,600
save $600

*Daycare package days are non-refundable and expire after 18-months. Packages can only be used at the facility in which it was purchased.

Ready to enroll your pet?

“Our little Scottie, Jock, had his first daycare day at Pawtropolis yesterday...We watched him on webcam... such a nice option...Pawtropolis is just a terrific place. Thank you for taking such good care of our boy!!”

Benefits of Doggie Daycare:

Never heard of Doggie Daycare? The benefits of allowing your dog to attend doggie daycare are astounding. For young dogs it teaches them valuable social skills that will help them learn how to properly meet and interact with a variety of other dogs. It also helps young puppies with their potty training because we keep them on a very routine potty schedule. See an extended explanation of dogs in packs and the benefits of daycare.

Very hyper dogs are given a proper outlet for all of that energy. That way, you can simply relax and enjoy their company at home and not have a dog demanding attention and exercise. Some owners say we have a “Pawtropolis Weight Loss Plan.” Not really, but we've noticed dogs needing to shed a few pounds can do so by playing in the playgroups all day.


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