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Amanda's Dogs in Competition

Pawtropolis owner boasts over 40 American Kennel Club Obedience, Rally and Agility titles. This page shows off her dogs in competition.

Watch Jersey as she qualifies in her Excellent Jumpers with Weaves run. 8/2011

My Girls in Competition

Jump n Jive "Jersey" Girl CDX BN RAE MX MXB MXJ MJB XF CGC
Rescue Standard Poodle DOB: March 4, 2009Jersey Rally
-CDX: Companion Dog Excellent
-BN: Beginner Novice
-RAE: Rally Advanced Excellent
-MX: Master Agility

-MXB: Master Agility Bronze
-MXJ: Master Agility Jumper
-MJB: Master Agility Jumper Bronze
-XF: Excellent Fast Agility
-CGC: Canine Good Citizen

Jersey is my newest addition. I rescued her in 2009 when a backyard breeder was "going out of business." I convinced her to give Helping Paws Rescue all of the pups and parents. Amanda got them all spayed/neutered, healthy and in loving homes.

JerseyJersey has been a joy to train. I feel she has the most potential in terms of how far she can go in both agility and obedience trialing. At the young age of 5-months Jersey passed her Canine Good Citizen test. Within a year of training Jersey earned her Rally Novice, Advanced and Excellent titles. Her next goal is her Utility title for which she is now training.

Jersey has excelled in agility. She loves it! It took less than 8 months for Jersey to earn her Novice Standard and Jumpers titles and Open Standard and Jumpers titles. Putting Jersey at 6 titles before her 2nd birthday. She is two qualifying runs away from being called Master Agility Champion! Any day now!


Jersey qualifying in Excellent Rally. Lawrenceville July 2011.


Rescue Chihuahua Approximate DOB: September 13, 2006Heidi
-MACH: Master Agility Champion
- CD: Companion Dog
-BN: Beginner Novice
-RAE: Rally Advance Excellent
-MX: Master Agility
-MXB: Master Agility Bronze
-MXJ: Master Agility Jumpers

-MJS: Master Agility Jumpers Silver
-OF: Open Fast Agility

Heidi was rescued along with 299 other dogs from a horrible puppy mill. I never had small dogs until this little girl stole my heart. I warned Heidi that if I adopted her she would be expected to train and behave just like my big girls. Heidi took that as a challenge and has become the most amazing little competitive dog. She quickly earned her HeidiRally Novice, Advanced and Excellent titles. Heidi's true love is agility. Jumping a staggering 8" Heidi flies over the jumps and obstacles creating fans wherever she competes. Heidi quickly earned enough titles to move her up to excellent levels.

2010 Invitational Rankings put Heidi the 9th of all of Chihuahuas in the United States.
2013 Invitational Rankings put Heidi the 6th of all Chihuahuas and earned her a spot at the competition!

Heidi doing a Jumpers with Weaves course. Concord August 2011.

MACH Amanda's Frenzied "Kenzie" CD RE MXB MJS MXF

Rescue Dalmatian Approximate DOB: June 23, 2002Kenzie
-MACH: Master Agility Champion
-CD: Companion Dog
-RE: Rally Excellent
-MXB: Master Agility Bronze
-MJS: Master Agility Jumpers Silver

-MXF: Master Excellent Fast Agility

Kenzie was rescued just hours before being put to sleep at Athens Animal Control when she was about 9-months old. I would like to take all the credit for her good behavior but Kenzie has always been such an easy dog to train and work with.

KenzieWithin a year Kenzie had received her first title. Through AKC (American Kennel Club) obedience trials she obtained her CD (Companion Dog) title. She gone on from there to continue to compete in Rally, dabble in flyball and making top rankings in agility.

By 2006 she obtained 2 agility titles through NADAC (North America Dog Agility Council) and 1 title through AKC. Kenzie stopped competing in agility in '06 when I had to focus on the new Pawtropolis. She started back full force in 2008. Since then she has obtained 3 Rally titles and numerous AKC Agility titles, including her Master Agility Jumpers and Master Agility Standard.

So far the highest Kenzie has been ranked is the 5th dalmatian in the USA in agility summer of 2010.

2010 Invitational rankings put Kenzie as the 15th top dalmatian in the United States.

Kenzie qualifying in Excellent Standard Agility. Concord, NC August 2011.


Past Pups in Competition

Amanda's "Lacey" Lee, CDX
Dalmatian April 93-February 08Lacey
Title Explanations:
-CDX: Companion Dog Excellent

Lacey was the dog that started it all. Amanda's parents bought Lacey for her when she was only 15. She started training with her immediately and started doing competitive obedience at only 16. You know the story from there: Pawtropolis was born because of Lacey.

Through AKC (American Kennel Club) obedience trials Lacey first obtained her CD (Companion Dog) title. Once you achieve that title the next step is competing in the Open level. It was here that Lacey obtained the "X" part of the title, her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent.)

Lacey never was a fan of doing obedience competitions. She was the kind of dog that would look at Amanda and say, "Okay, if you want me to." If you can imagine her saying that in the voice of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, then that's Lacey. Laid back, easy going, loving and fantastic! Because of her lack of enthusiasm about training she retired after obtaining her second title. She will be dearly missed.



Amanda's Treasured "Tyler" CD
Rescue Dalmatian 1995-2008Tyler
Title Explanations:
-CD: Companion Dog

In 1997 Amanda found starved and beat up Tyler. She nursed him back to health and found underneath all of his rugged exterior was a sweet boy inside. It wasn't until Tyler moved to Athens with Amanda in '98 that Amanda began to train him in preparation for trials, so he had a late start. Tyler is a goofy boy. His most famous trial story was when all during the heeling pattern (where he is suppose to walk directly by my side) he wandered around behind me a good 5-6 feet, looking and smiling at all of the spectators. When I came to a halt, he came in sat in the perfect position! What a ham!

Through AKC (American Kennel Club) obedience trials Tyler obtained his CD (Companion Dog) title.

Since Tyler was already a bit older once he achieved his CD title combined with Amanda starting Pawtropolis, Tyler never moved on to win anything more then the hearts of everyone he met.


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