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Overnight Options For Dogs - Suites


Talk about luxury, our Hotel Suites are the life for the pampered pooch. Each dog gets their own private suite (multiple dogs in the same family can share.) Suites are complete with rugs, a full-size toddler bed and, of course, a flat-screen TV on the wall. All suites have large windows for seeing what is going on. The suites provide a quieter environment. This is perfect for the ultimate spoiled pooch or for the a dog that is very nervous or easily stressed. We are proud to offer a wide variety of movies such as; "Lady and the Tramp", "Air Bud", "The Fox and the Hound", "101 Dalmatians" and much more.

At our Eastside location each suite guest has access to their own private mini-yard for potty breaks; at Westside suite guests are taken outside four times a day to strecth their legs, go potty, get attention from the staff, and get a little bit of sunshine. Click here to learn how to enroll your pet for our Luxury Suites. Click here to learn what extra perks can be added.

Suite Prices:
$53.00 for single dogs
$48.00 per dog in families with multiple dogs
$3.00 off per dog if staying in the same Suite
$53.00 per suite for pick-up after 11:00am

-Stays over 5 nights includes 50% off of a Good 'n Clean bath
-5% off stays 6 nights or more
-10% off stays 11 nights or more
-15% off stays 16 nights or more if 50% of total price is paid prior to drop-off

Available Add-ons


Peak-time stay minimums required. Please see Pricing and Policy document. Email to request a copy or pick one up in person.