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Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Many times owners may have a very specific behavior problem that they need addressed immediately. Although classes are our number one recommendation, occasionally we may find that a private lesson is first needed to evaluate what will be best for that dog, and to get training started right away. Prices are below. Drive costs will incur outside of 15 miles from Pawtropolis. Email us for additional information regarding private lessons.

Private Lessons in the home: $125.00
$300 for 3 lessons if all are paid in advance
Phone Consultations: $30 for 20-25 minutes

Board & Train - Currently not offered

Board and Train includes a meeting with our professional Trainer, Vicki Truelove, prior to your dog's stay, training during your your dogs stay (including email or text updates) and a follow up visit with Vicki once your dog goes home. Vicki can work with your dog on a variety of training and behavior issues. Pictured here is little Charles learning to go to and wait on his mat. Not only does our Board & Train option help start your dog on the road to good manners, it also serves as another way to keep him/her mentally stimulated while away from home. It's a win-win for everyone!

Board and Train requests must be made at least one week prior to the start of your pet's stay.  Minimum of two days training during your pet's stay.  Cost is $100 for each day of training added on to your pet's stay.  No additional charge for initial meeting and follow up meeting with Vicki.

Please call with any questions or to request Board and Train for your pet!