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Overnight Options For Dogs

(Advanced planning required)

For dogs that love social play, sleepovers are the most popular boarding option. Sleepovers are reserved for dogs that have already passed their Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation. A sleepover guest wakes up first thing and goes out with the playgroup for a potty break. Next is back to their room for breakfast. After breakfast everyone is let back out into their playgroups to enjoy daycare. Other than an hour lunch and a few bedroom breaks, sleepover guests spend all day playing, lounging and having fun. Back to bedrooms for dinner, one last potty break before bed, and then sound asleep back into their rooms for bed. (Multiple dogs from the same family are welcome to sleep together.) Many owners opt for extra perks such as bedtime stories or nighttime desserts. Owners are welcome to bring their own food, but house food is included in the price. We also provide a thick fleece mat for those that don't bring their own bedding.

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Our Apartment boarding is more of what people expect from traditional boarding. Dogs get their own Apartment (multiple dogs in the same family can share a room), complete wiith a raised Kuranda bed, fleece Purple Pebble mat, and Kong toy. Owners are invited to bring any belongings that will make their pet more comfortable: beds, toys, chew bones, etc. Apartment guests get four outside breaks throughout the day, giving them a chance to stretch their legs, go potty, get attention from the staff, and get a little bit of sunshine.

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Talk about luxury, our Hotel Suites are the life for the pampered pooch. Each dog gets their own private suite (multiple dogs in the same family can share.) Suites are complete with rugs, a full-size toddler bed and, of course, a flat-screen TV on the wall. All suites have large windows for seeing what is going on. The suites provide a quieter environment. This is perfect for the ultimate spoiled pooch or for the a dog that is very nervous or easily stressed. We are proud to offer a wide variety of movies such as; "Lady and the Tramp", "Air Bud", "The Fox and the Hound", "101 Dalmatians" and much more.

At our Eastside location each suite guest has access to their own private mini-yard for potty breaks; at Westside suite guests are taken outside four times a day to strecth their legs, go potty, get attention from the staff, and get a little bit of sunshine. Click here to learn how to enroll your pet for our Luxury Suites. Click here to learn what extra perks can be added.

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Your dog gets her own Concierge!

Offered exclusively at our Eastside location, Concierge Boarding is unlike anything Pawtropolis has ever offered. We are taking our individualized approach to pet care one step further by creating an area that allows us to more specifically address the needs of the dogs joining us in our Concierge room. Concierge rooms are rented in 4-hour blocks and one 12.5 hour block overnight (slight variations during the weekend). Each block of time comes with 1 activity perk that is designed with your dog in mind; examples: small group off-leash play, lazy lounging and snuggling, swim time, daycare play, a bath, a hair care, goodnight cuddles, puppy training, etc.

Only our top trained Playgroup Supervisors will be allowed to manage our Concierge room. They will know how to identify the needs of each dog and make decisions throughout the day that will make for an enriching, stress-free stay for each and every dog. Dogs staying in Concierge will have an additional questionnaire for their owners to complete and, at pickup, pet parents will be provided with a detailed description of their pets stay and each activity perk provided.

Quote from a happy Concierge client: "Eastside’s Pawtropolis’s Concierge Service is exactly what our dog needed. He is not able to be in the daycare playgroups. He is a very loving dog with people and with just a few dogs at a time, but a pack is too much for him. The concierge lets him play with one or two dogs at a time and have quality staff interaction. He gets plenty of exercise and is very relaxed when he gets home. We are so impressed with Pawtropolis’s ability to create a way for all dogs to have a fun day."

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