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Dogs and cats available for adoption on this page are NOT affliated with Helping Paws Rescue.

This page is used as a courtesy for people looking to place unwanted/found dogs and cats. Pawtropolis nor Helping Paws Rescue is involved with any of the animals listed below. In order to obtain information regarding these pets you'll need to contact the person listed as the contact for each pet. Pawtropolis/Helping Paws Rescue doesn't know anything about these animals and is serving only to help spread the word about their availability. Any adoptions made through this page are through the individuals themselves and has no affiliation with any staff of Pawtropolis.

Steps on Posting:

  • Email us a CUTE picture of the animal, a short description of what you know about the animal and a good phone number. Remember: phone numbers will be listed on the website. Also a brief explanation as to why the pet is in need of a new home.

  • Postings will only be kept up for a few months (if you need more time just let us know). If the pet is adopted please notify us by email so that it can be removed.

  • This is for dogs and cats looking for new homes. This IS NOT for breeders looking to sell puppies or adult dogs.


Tiny Tim

​ This sweet little boy "Tiny Tim" was abandoned with his sister off Milledge Avenue. They are so very small, but they are eating cat food and using a littler box. They were terribly frightened but have settled down and are very sweet and like lots of people attention. Please call me at 706-714-4585 or email me @ if interested in giving one of these kitties a home. Thanks Andrea Blaesing

Added 11/24/15



​ My name is Max. I am almost 2 years old. My mom moved and couldn't take me with her so I need a furever home. I'm a good boy. I have not been neutered. The next door lady is watching me now, but she has dogs and can't keep me. If you would like for me to be your dog please contact her at: or call at: 678.227.3685

Added 11/24/15


4 Kittens

​ I recently moved down to Athens and found 4 kittens outside of my apartment complex and am trying to find homes for them!

Autumn is a few months old, she has been spayed and received her rabies and distemper shots. She is one of the shy ones when it comes to people but loves to play with toys and the other kittens and loves food! A little more reserved with our dog, but shows promise to do well in a home with a dog.

Winter is the smallest, about a few months old and is also a little shy. She had an upper respiratory infection and is just now beginning to socialize with people and the other kittens but also loves to play with her toys and is constantly purring. She has been spayed and received her rabies and distemper shots. Also a little reserved with our dog but I think she would do fine!

Spring is a little larger than the others and maybe a few months older. She has been spayed and has her rabies/distemper shots. Not much into running around but she is very affectionate, cleaning the other kittens and even rubbing up against our dog purring.

Fall is the only boy and is a few months old, he has been neutered and has his shots. The most adventurous and brave, Fall is a little ball of energy and is constantly purring. He would do well in any home, loves our dog and our own older male cat.

Please contact Alicia Wilson at (603) 459-3761 or

Added 10/12/15


4 Sweet Beagles!

4 AKC registered beagles ready for pet homes! These pups are from a hunt pack and are looking for indoor pet homes where they can live out their lives with a family. Owner is just looking for a great family to love them! I can share owner contact info with interested families and even go visit the pups with them.

Akc reg Chicken Lilly
d.o.b 3/3/07

Akc reg Black Eye Pete
d.o.b. 9/3/13
Not shy but is laid back and calm

Akc reg Black Rose d.o.b 7/23/10
Won several dog shows

Akc reg June Bug
d.o.b 4/10/07
Loves to be petted

Please contact Stevie at if interested

Added 08/06/15



​Jethro is an 8-month-old male intact mixed-breed dog weighing about 35 pounds. He is part of a group that helps care for pets belonging to victims of domestic violence. Sometimes owners in such situations need to radically change their lives in pursuit of safety and cannot take their beloved pets back, which is what happened to Jethro.

Jethro is friendly and pretty submissive, despite being intact, although he seems fearful of men, most likely due to his previous environment. He is playful and energetic and has a lot of potential to learn rules and manners. He is very interested in people and is interactive, so he would likely respond to both praise and scolding. He has been through a lot coming from an abusive home, but he would fit perfectly in a loving one.

Anyone interested is welcome to contact me: Caitlin McManemon
UGA Veterinary School

Added 06/24/15



​My name is Colt. I am a 8 month old hound/pit mix, about 25 lbs. I was hit by a car 2 months ago! A nice stranger found me and brought me to UGA to be fixed up. I have been passing my rehab with flying colors and I should be ready to be full on crazy puppy soon. Unfortunately, my foster mom's current dog doesn't like me very much and I need a fur-ever home!!
I love to run and jump and snuggle right into your lap. Chewing and sniffing are my favorite things to do. I need some training because I get super excited sometimes and can't sit still but I promise to try really hard. I do know that if I sit I get my food a lot faster. I like my crate and have not had an accident in the house ever! I promise I will be your best bud and favorite snuggle partner if you take me home!!!
If interested please call/text Rachel at 631-974-6167.

Added 06/09/15



Holly is a 2-yr old, female shepherd mix and at a lean 50lbs she is probably done growing. She has been spayed, microchipped, and is current on vaccines and flea/tick control. She is house trained, crate trained and learning to walk well on a leash (sometimes she still gets excited and wants to pull). She is excellent with our other dog and with our young children. Holly does have a strong prey drive and enjoys chasing cats and chickens (the reason we are unable to keep her). She rides well in the car, is learning fetch and is very gentle and affectionate with our entire family (except the chickens). I think she'd do best with a loving, active family, free from cats, where she is welcomed to snuggle-up and be an active part of the family. If you are interested in meeting Holly please feel free to contact me at

Added 05/14/15


Adah and Dega

Adah - Adah is a rescue from the Clayton County Animal Shelter. I saw her picture on Facebook and her time was up. I made a phone call thinking no rescue would help me out being so far away - but it worked! She was pulled immediately, and said to be healthy; however, she came down with a severe respiratory infection from being in the shelter, and it was very scary. Vetted now with all shots, spayed and for real healthy, Adah is just over a year old and around 46 lbs. She can sit, shake, stay (working on extending this) sit pretty (beg position), wait for food and turn around. She is working on 3 new commands, and is soooo smart! She is medium energy, taking an hour walk a day (Gentle Leader collar) and 30-45 minutes of free run time. She loves her toys, searching the basket for just the one she wants! She has been temperament tested and scored a "passive" mark, showing she was more reserved towards the other dogs. This is not how she plays with her roommate! She is the more dominant of the 2 even though she's the younger. She attends play group weekly, and is crate (6-7 hours) and house trained. Never one accident! Although she hasn't been tested with cats, her reactions show me it may not work...squirrels and cats make her a little nutty! She does bark at other dogs when leashed, and I am working to eliminate this behavior. Adah is the first dog I have pulled from an Animal Control, and she has a special place in my heart because she was literally going to die within 24 hours. I want the best for this precious, silly girl!

Dega -Dega was found walking down the side of a busy road in Monroe, Ga. Her owners were never found. She will be approximately 3 in June 2015, weighs around 50 lbs (we've gained recently) and has soft, soft fur like a puppy. This girl is fully vetted, having all shots and is spayed.

She knows how to sit, shake, lay down, stay (working on extending this), sit pretty (beg position), give high-fives, turn around and more! She walks gently with a Gentle Leader collar, but pulls a bit much in the first 10 minutes with a regular. She has been temperament tested by Pawtropolis, passing with a "neutral" score, showing that she gave appropriate attention to other dogs and received it back appropriately. She attends play sessions to be around other dogs, weekly, but is being fostered with another dog currently and they are best friends...very loving and playful. Dega is crate and house trained, and stays around 6-7 hours a day no problem. She is medium energy, getting walked an hour a day, and then has a free run time of 30-45 minutes. She has no behaviors to speak of other than a sincere desire to chase squirrels and cats. She hasn't been checked with cats, but I would say its a no. She initially barked at other dogs when she was leashed. We have almost erased this behavior, but it can still show itself from time to time. I love this girl, and it will be hard to give her to another....she has come a long way and needs a family to take her the rest...Please give this smart girl a chance!

If interested conntact Cory Jenkins at

Added 04/29/15



​ Balto is a friendly and handsome Dutch shepherd mix. His coat is a dilute brindle color, and striking enough that people stop him on the street to remark on his beauty. He's 7 y.o., 61 pounds, and fully vetted (neutered; UTD on vax; HW-). He has $500 sponsorship for rescue; while he is in boarding through the end of March, after that he has nowhere to go.

Balto's person has hit hard times; he lost his job and his home a few years ago, but has been able to make due by renting a room from a friend and piecing together odd jobs. However, the friend just lost *her* job and *her* home, so Balto and his dad are homeless. While he's heartbroken, Balto's dad realizes that he can't provide for Balto any longer.

Balto has been neglected for a few years as his dad tried to scrape by. Some friends have brought Balto up to date on his shots and provided him with high quality food, but his coat is in bad condition currently from a long-untreated food allergy. It's improved with the switch in food (it's no longer red and itchy), but he still has bald patches where it will take a little while for the hair to grow back.

Balto is good with people and has lived for 2 years now with a declawed cat without problems (in fact, Balto seems a little scared of the cat). He is housetrained but has no obedience training. He is undersocialized with dogs; while he's fine walking with them, he is uncomfortable interacting with them, so he needs to be the only dog in his home.

This is a really good dog whose life is being turned upside down. Helping him out means also helping out his dad, who is devastated that his own financial insecurity means Balto's life is precarious.

Please Contact Carolyn Combs at if you can help.

Added 02/25/15



Around Nov last year I picked up 2 dogs out of the hwy in winder. I figured surely someone must be looking for these babies.. but they were not. I found the little female a great home pretty quickly but I still have the male.

He is a young adult. Maybe 2 or less. He seemed a little dominant in the beginning so I was way more particular about placing him. I have since had him neutered and vaccinated and really worked with him. He is not aggressive. He aims to please. Very willing to learn and smart. He dances on his rear legs, loves fetch. He likes other small dogs and ignores cats pretty much. He doesnt seem to appreciate big dogs. I think he would do well with older kids, but not sure with young kids/toddlers. I have kept him way beyond what I was expecting. I thought finding homes would be a little easier.

I would really appreciate if you could list him . We are going out of town soon and I would love to get him placed. Oh, he is definitely crate trained. He will go in on his on and nap.

Please contact Connie White at : or 770 480 8739

Added 02/25/15



​Hello, my name is Reese! (Like the delicious snack, reese cups, not the trailer hitch) I am 4 years old, and I was born on Christmas day 2010. I live with my mom and dad, Maui my weeny dog sister, and the baby. I am not emotionally equipped to handle small children, and there's another one on the way! I have been kicked out of the house because I am jealous of the toddler. I need a new home with no small children and fast!

Reese is a full blooded red lab and was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. She is an active, and sometimes shy girl. She enjoys road trips, playing at the lake or beach, fetch, and a good cold floor to lay her belly on. Reese loves playing outside and in the water. She is very curious and strong. Reese knows basic commands, but walks better off leash because she tends to pull.

Her current friends are the mini dachshund Maui, a pit bull named Mia, and a lab named Maverick. She has only been around Maverick and Mia's cat companions, but tends to ignore them and play only with the dogs. She sleeps in an outdoor kennel when we go on people only trips and it is pleasant out. So, she is house, crate, and kennel trained. She currently sleeps in the garage due to her behavior around the kid. She was a great companion and friend living in her mom's College apartment in Athens, GA before suburb life, and makes night time walks/runs much more enjoyable.

She doesn't generally show a preference to either men or women. We cannot keep her because she has started growling and lunging for the now very mobile toddler at our house. She is also scared of loud and rambunctious little boys. She hides from our nephews. Reese needs a family that has either no kids or older children and hopefully is used to large dogs. She needs an owner that is capable of giving firm and clear instruction. She has a very outdoors type of spirit. If you interested please contact Allison Parr at or 912-674-1254

Added 01/25/15



​ Lance is a seven year old yellow lab. He is a well behaved, mature dog with no puppy madness or craziness, and he is absolutely house trained. He has a deep menacing bark and is an excellent watch dog. He should be the only dog in a household however as he grew up as a solo dog (in Florida), and he can be overly assertive at meal time in the presence of other dogs. He walks well off lead and listens attentively to voice commands. He is gentle and affectionate and could care less about cats. He lives for a daily walk and otherwise is content to curl up on his floor pillow. The vet says he is in excellent health and he is hoping to find just the right home. Could it be yours???

If so, contact Jon or Michele Amster @ 706 546- 6970.

Added 01/09/15


Scooter and Sampson

​I am a home hospice nurse, and acquired a mother dog & 3 puppies when my patient died. I am keeping the mother dog and one puppy, but need to find excellent home(s) for the other 2 puppies.

My contact info is Nancy Kittles, (h) 706-546-8531, (c) 706-424-2250, e-mail I would prefer that applicants contact me via e-mail.

I will give the puppies away free to excellent homes, but I'm asking for a $100 donation made payable to Athens Area Humane Society.

Added 01/22/15



Bella 2.5 year old Pitt mix (spayed), 52 lbs, Short brindle coat with white markings on chest (very pretty girl). Bella has lived with us for nearly a year. We have a 13 year old female Boxer mix and two young kids. She's been very loving to all, including new people and dogs. She's athletic and playful…. but loves her mid morning and afternoon naps. We crate her when we leave the house and she has no problem with that. An ideal home for her will include a large fenced yard and an owner who wants to be active with their dog.

Bella just had all her annual shots (Dec) and is micro chipped… so she'll never be lost again :) Please help us find this special girl a home.

Brian 706-424-4254

Added 01/22/15



​ This is "Daisy". She was found injured, wandering in my backyard. She is about 8 years old, not spayed, but up to date on all shots. She has recovered well, and needs a permanent home. She wants nothing more than to snuggle with her person. She gets along with other nice dogs and cats. If you would like to give her a forever home, or for more information, Please email

Added 01/11/15



​Foster is a little shy at first but warms up quickly and he is a complete lapdog! His favorite things include fetch, kisses and snuggles. He would prefer a home without other animals, but a female dog may be doable (if they get along.)

Foster still has a little work to do with training, but he can sit, lay and come. He's been trying to learn wait, but sometimes he gets a little too excited. :) He needs a loving family with no younger kids as we're not sure how he would do. He would make a great addition to a special family; this little guy has SO much love to give.

Samantha Bacon 770-235-3871

Added 01/11/15



​AKC registered Yorkie Terrier, Male, 10 months old, Rehoming fee $50.00 Please contact Debbie Allen at

Added 01/09/15


Free Kitty

FREE KITTY! Do you know of anyone Wanting a cat but can't afford one currently? I let in a stray, got all her shots and love her but can no longer care for her. I do not want to put her in the shelter by chance of her being put down. I also do not want just anyone to get her as she is very sweet. So I have a free cat, litter box, food bowl, cat tower, and six months of flea medicine. She has all her shots and is the sweetest ever. She is litter box trained now. She is beautiful and so soft. I just do not have enough room to keep her happy in my single room. and with winter coming she can't keep going outside. Please contact Hillary at if interested.

Added 12/03/14


Tan Mix Female

This mid to older female mix was abandoned and is in need of a home. She is very friendly and wants to please. Although I don't think she has had any training, she walks fine on a leash and goes outside via a doggy door. I am not sure if she was ever fixed, but I don't believe she is of age any longer to breed as I have never seen evidence of her being in heat. She gets along fine with people and children but she has issues with small pets such as cats and little dogs. She is currently in a kennel and desperately needs a home. She would make a fine companion for kids or an elderly person. Please call Laura in Bogart, Ga at 803-627-5293.

Added 12/03/14



Chupl (pronounced Choopl) is a rottweiler/shepherd mix, about 3 years old, neutered. He's had his 3 year rabies vaccine and is crate trained and house trained. He knows basic commands like sit and lay down (working on stay).

He needs to be an only dog and I have 6 other dogs. He is very dominant but extremely playful and a great companion animal. He loves to play with his toys and loves to ride in the car.

We found him wandering in a warehouse district in Tucker, GA and nursed him back to health but cannot keep him because of our other senior dogs (they don't allow domination). Need to find him a forever home as soon as possible as he is pretty much living in the crate at this point.

Asking for an adoption fee of $50 to make sure he goes to a good home who will love him and take care of him. Contact Stacy Kimmel at or 678-414-7391 for more information or to adopt.

Added 11/30/14



Roxy is a 5 year old terrier mix that is house trained, create trained, and knows commands like sit and lay down. She is the sweetest dog in the world but has a natural instinct to be a guard dog and I have a new baby and an even smaller wallet. Yes is great around the baby but when anyone comes to the door she forget about everything around her including my newborn and I have had a few close calls with him almost being jumped on.

I really need to find her a loving home soon because my husband is not wanting her to stay for fear that my son my be jumped on. Please help I am really in need.

Thank you, Haley 423-716-8561

Added 11/22/14



Madison is a 2-3 year old terrier mix found wondering alone in Rome, GA. It was clear she had pups, but sadly none were found. She was transported to Athens, GA where a Pawtropolis staff member is currently fostering her.

Madison is now crate trained, potty trained and loves to snuggle with people and dogs alike! At only 30 pounds, she is the perfect size pocket pittie for just about any living situation. All she needs now is a loving home to call her own.

If you're interested in adopting Madison, please visit or email

Added 11/04/14


Juliet, Angel and Sterling

I am moving to a different city and getting a divorce and can no longer take care of my animals like they need to be. And hoping you can post their information on your website.

I have attached pictures of the 3 cats I am trying to find forever homes for below you will find a description for each cat.

The first picture is of Juliet. She is 4 years old. She is known as the mother cat to the two younger ones because she takes care of them. She was a rescue cat from the Athens Area Humane Society. She likes to do her own thing and only likes to be petted on her terms. She does need someone who will brush her everyday because even though she grooms the other cats she does not groom herself very well. She still has her front claws and is used to being an indoor cat. But before being adopted she was found outside roaming around. She is up to date on all of her shots very healthy, micro chipped and spayed,.

The second cat is Angel she is 2 years old. She tends to like to lay around the house and do her own thing. She is a calico cat. I have had her since she was a kitten and she has never been outside. She still has her front claws. She loves other cats and dogs. She is up to date on all of her shots, spayed, and micro chipped.

The third picture is of Sterling he is a very small cat. He is 2 years old. His unique characteristic is that he does not have a tail. He loves to be loved on and he tries to cuddle with anything including dogs. His favorite activity is to lay in the blinds and sun bath. He still has his front claws. He has never been outside on purpose however if the door is opened he likes to sneak outside. He is a very curious cat. He is a very fussy eater so his owner may have to mix wet food with his dry food to get him to eat. He is neutered and up to date on all of his shots as well as micro chipped. They go to Dr. Shannon's in Jefferson (706)367-0216.

If anyone is interested please contact me at (706)870-5736 or they can email me at Thanks for your help, Stephanie Greenwood

Added 11/04/14


Noel and Emma

I am going through a divorce, moving and can no longer take care of them like they need to be. I am looking for a foster home for my dogs and cats if there's anyone who can open their hearts and homes till they can find their forever homes.

In the first picture is Noel she is a Catahoula. She is 2 years old. She has a very sweet temperament and very submissive. She likes cuddling but she also loves to play with other dogs and play fetch. She has a very wiggly tail and loves to hear the song wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. She is a picky eater but if you mix her dry and wet food she will always eat. (She will eat dry food as well if that's her only option just make take her a little longer to eat) She is very healthy, up to date on all of her shots, potty trained, heart worm free, on trifexis, and micro chipped.

In the second picture is Emma who is a whippet mix she is a year old and full of life but she also loves to cuddle. She loves playing with other dogs. but she can sometimes be food aggressive so she needs to be separated during dinner time. But since she is so small she learns quickly that she can't fight other dogs for food. She was rescued from the Athens pound. She is very healthy, mostly potty trained, up to date on all of her shots, heart worm free, on trifexis, and micro chipped.

I would prefer a foster home take them in because I feel if they are seen in person it will help them find a home faster. Also Emma is protective over me however as soon as she leaves my side she is a sweetheart. They both go to Dr. Shannon vet in Jefferson and you can call them to verify everything I said. Their number is (706)367-0215.

If anyone is interested in in either of these girls they can contact me at (706)870-5736 or email me at Thank you, Stephanie Greenwood

Added 11/04/14



Bonded pair, dumped by their owners, in Ellenwood, GA. Southeast Atlanta near Forest Park. South of 1-20. Please Help! Need rescue/foster/adopters ASAP. Need donations for their full vetting. Please call 404-345-4029 if you can donate or take them.

Added 09/27/14



Meet Max. Look how cute he is with those toes turned in!

Max showed up at our door step in Hartwell on a very cold February day in 2012. We don't live in Hartwell full time, so we don't know how long he had been there. He was very hungry though. He greeted my husband and our lab on his back Our lab gave him a sniff and wagged his tail. We fed him. Already having 2 dogs, we had not intended to keep him. Hart County didn't have animal control at the time, so we brought him home with the intention of taking him to Oconee animal control. But those big brown eyes just suck you in, and he stayed. Hope AMC looked him over and guessed he was 6-8 mos old. That means that now he is about 3 years old now.

When he first showed up, we suspected he was part German Shepherd due to his coloring. Now that we have lived him, I would guess some combination of hound (coloring and vocals), Rottweiler (look at that head!), Great Dane (he sits with his front paws crossed), and shepherd (when he wants something, he "herds" me with his snout.). He is a true mutt, and the sweetest, most gentle dog I have ever owned, and we have always owned labs and Goldens.

He loves other dogs, and loves going to Pawtropolis. My daughter has cats, and while they are not fond of any of my dogs, Max has never shown any aggression toward them, mostly curiosity. He has only met them indoors though. I suspect that outdoors he would chase them so I would caution about that.

While Max loves the outdoors and is quite energetic, he is a house dog. He has never been destructive in the house. He loves his crate, and he will need to take it with him. He is a big dog, and the crate is likewise big, so space is a must. When I tell Max to go to his crate, he never hesitates. He knows sit and stay, though stay doesn't mean he stays until released.

He has not been leash trained. During the week, we live in a subdivision with a fenced yard. He and the others run around back there some during the day. Mostly they spend their days sleeping inside. On the weekends, we take them to the farm where he goes nonstop. Whenever he sees me outdoors there, he comes to walk with me for a bit. He isn't a barker. He "talks" sometimes, but rarely barks, even when the other two bark.

Opie Max's most annoying habit is digging, though he only digs for 2 reasons: chasing a chipmunk and looking for a cool spot to lay down. He was pushing under the fence, but he hasn't done that in over a year now. He does chase anything that runs. He is a farm dog turned city.

We are looking for a new home for Max not because we don't love him but our life circumstances have changed. If you would be interested in meeting Max, please contact Lynne at 706-248-1232.

Added 09/27/14



Please help me find a new home for June. We found her lost from her mother, hungry, and scared. She is a beautiful all white kitten with green eyes. She about 4 months old and has been spayed and had her first round of kitten vaccines. She loves to play with people and small dogs. She's got a great personality.

Unfortunately I have to keep her separated from my three dogs so she doesn't get the attention she deserves. Please help me find her a forever home.

Please contact Katie if interested. 770-617-5236

Added 09/27/14



This is Mama the Cat and her 2 babies. For some reason, she decided to have her kittens in the bushes in front of my house. I cannot keep her myself because I already have one cat and wouldn't be able to afford more vet bills.

Mama is a small, fluffy calico with big bright green eyes. In addition to being a great mama to her 2 babies, she seems to like people of all ages and would love to give/receive affection. She will definitely need a good checkup once she is adopted though.

The kittens are adorable! One is solid black and the other is black with white feet and other white markings. They look to be about only 1-2 weeks old.

Contact Heidi at (706)202-2786 or

Added 09/27/14



Bella is a very friendly dog with a lot of personality. She is between 6 to 8 months old and has already been spayed. She would be perfect in a home with other animals. She gets along very well with other dogs and cats.

To adopt Bella contact Christopher Weems at (706)202-7850 or (706)546-0854.

Added 09/27/14



Charlie is a loving companion that enjoys playing and sun bathing. He is between 6 and 8 months old and has an appointment to be neutered soon. He is also friendly with other dogs and cats.

To adopt Charlie contact Christopher Weems at (706)202-7850 or (706)546-0854.

Added 09/27/14



Dog (Pronounced Dee-Ogee) Dog would be a great addition to an active family. He loves to run and play and gets along very well with other animals and children. He is between 2 and 3 years old and has an appointment to be neutered next week.

To adopt Dog contact Christopher Weems at (706)202-7850 or (706)546-0854.

Added 09/27/14



I was wondering if you could help my family! We are so sad to have to do this but unfortunately my husband and I will be needing to find a great family to re-home our dogs in.

Both of these dogs are so sweet and loving but we just do not have the time they deserve and we have health concerns because the dander is affecting our sons health. My son has had several medical issues this year and we are not able to finically give these loves our best anymore.

Both are rescues, the white dog (border collie/ shepherd mix) is 2 1/2 and VERY good with kids. She loves belly rubs and cuddles. She sheds but with proper brushing can be manageable. VERY sweet dog. No discipline issues with her at all. Her name is Aslynn. The black one (Australian shepherd mix) just turned 3 he hardly sheds and his demeanor is much like a cat, super chill everyone loves this dog when they meet him. He is very smart and super fast so would make a great agility dog! He does have some separation anxiety and will bark for about 10 mins once you leave for work.

Both are crate trained but like to sleep in bedroom at night. Both are potty trained as well. We love these dogs but can't give them the home they deserve especially with 2 small kids (one on the way!). Would love to find someone that would enjoy both but are willing to separate if it means we know two good owners will have them.

Christina 404-889-1712

Added 08/11/14



His name (what we call him) is Pete. He is roughly 1yr maybe 1 1/2yrs. He has had all of his vaccinations, was neutered three weeks ago, and is current on his heartworm, flea, and tick treatments. He weighs 50lbs and is 19in tall.

We found him during one of I am sure many near death experiences in Oglethorpe County on a very busy road. He is very food driven and therefore, super easy to train. Good with our children, loves to have his stomach scratched by them. Not food aggressive--will let you feed him out of your hand. He is pretty good on a leash, we are still working on follow the leader. He is really good at running though, which is why follow the leader has been difficult. He HATES the squirt bottle. His only chewing incident was an extension cord he found in my laundry room and was corrected through a couple of squirts---he sat in the corner for 20 min on his own. I actually felt guilty! haha

The only issue is other animals--I credit this to him being on the run for some time. When we found him, he was COVERED in ticks, including his eye lids and mouth. He let us pick them off of him without even flinching. But when it comes to our dogs, he is not great with them. He will need a lot of supervised socialization to get over this. He is becoming a touch territorial and is barking at doorbells and our chime on our alarm system.

He has never had an accident in our home--he holds it all night and waits until after breakfast to take his first morning walk and bathroom break. He sleeps all night!!!! He is a little mouthy when he plays but we are working on that--no breaking of the skin or even putting pressure on you. Just play. He loves to chase the ball but has no idea what to do when it stops bouncing and rolling. LOVES tug of war but the human needs to initiate it--again a sign of him being a loner for some time. He bounces like a deer outside when he is excited and poos on tree trunks or bushes. haha

I am sure this is way more information than you need. BUT!! He is great and I want him to find a good home. I can contacted at this email if you find someone interested!! THANK YOU!!!! Please Contact:Melissa at Added 08/11/14