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Copeland is a two year old beagle with lots of love to share! He is a small little guy weighing in at about 24 pounds.

Copeland loves the nickname “Cope” and has quickly caught onto his name! He was brought to Barrow County Animal Control as an owner surrender just four short weeks ago. In his original home he lived outside and did not get much human or dog interaction. Since he was pulled by Helping Paws Rescue he has made major strides to be ready for his forever home. Meeting his foster siblings did not come easy at first, but he has recently started to engage in appropriate play.

This sweet little beagle is currently looking for a home without children. Although he is great with adult humans, he prefers when people take a slower approach to meeting him rather than quick and forceful. He is also in search for a family with a dog or maybe two similar to him in size. When this sweet little guy engages in play he prefers to find friends his own size. Copeland prefers to meet new dog friends outside in open space. As he has not had a indoor home before, he sometimes finds it intimidating when new friends come into his foster home full of energy. Cope does well with greetings on the leash but sometimes gets too excited and wants to be vocal in the face of the other dog. Some dogs (not his foster brothers) are not as receptive to this greeting, we are constantly working on meeting new dogs. Copeland loves to visit restaurants!  He has always been polite when interacting with humans in public places. Upon initial greeting with a new human, Cope is hesitant in his body language. He will sit and bow his head to the floor offering you the opportunity to pet him. Once the initial greeting is out of the way, he is all love looking up to you (while holding a sit) with his adorable beagle eyes.

Copeland initially did not know common house manners or rules. With a background of being kept outdoors, potty training was up utmost importance. His foster mom is very happy to report that in the past two weeks he has not had any accidents in the house. Beagles are very smart and he has shown that in his ability to catch onto crate and potty training so quickly. That said, Cope is a beagle and they are notorious for being a little noisey. He is very good in the crate if he can see you, but the second he can not see you he likes to let you know with his adorable little beagle howl. We are constantly working on this behavior and find the water bottle to be a good mechanism for effective training for Copeland.

This cutie would be a great addition to multiple types of homes as long as they do not have little human children (but feline friendly home are ok). Copeland is learning more and more everyday. He enjoys relaxing days watching movies but also loves to go on a good hike. This little man is full of adventure at a moderate energy level. In his free time at his foster home he is a frequent visitor to the toy box! His absolute favorite is the old fashioned tennis ball. He will steal your heart quickly tossing the ball into the air ultimately playing with himself. Although Cope prefers dogs of his own size he became friendly with his black lab brother, Coal, with time. His foster mom believes it would be a on case by case basis for homes with larger dogs. Copeland also prefers small groups of dogs rather than large. Playing with other canine friends is new so we are hopeful with time he will become more comfortable and accepting of environments like daycare.  He has just recently became more food/ treat motivated so our training is coming along nicely. He can sit nicely and wait for his food and has the potential to learn many more cool tricks. This awesome beagle would be a great loving addition to your home!

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We knew right when we met little Lottie that she was going to be a loving one! She ran right up to us, and even though we could tell she was a little shy, she powered through her nerves and showered us with kisses! She is such a sweet girl who just wants to be loved and touched all the time. She will go up to any person she sees and immediately seek attention. She gets attached very easily and will want nothing more from her forever home than love and a little bit of exercise!  We are guessing Lottie is a 4 year old miniature pinscher mix. She is only 18lbs; much smaller than her pictures make her look!

We have not had Lottie for very long, but she is quickly learning to fit into her foster home. She lives with another small dog as well as a large black lab. She has not met a dog or a person she hasn’t loved. She does not like being alone, so we are still working on her crate training. However, she is catching on quickly and only tends to bark in the morning when she has to go to the bathroom. We are also working on basic manners and training. She loves people so much that she doesn’t understand why she shouldn’t jump on us to ask for attention. She’s very hard to say “no” to because she wants nothing more than please you!

Lottie does have a moderate energy level and will need some exercise in her new home. While she is happy to sleep under a comfy blanket most of the day, zooming around and wrestling with her small foster sibling are her most favorite activities! After getting all of her energy out, she is content to cuddle up next to you for hours and hours! She would probably do well in a variety of homes, as long as they give her lots of attention and take her for daily exercise (like a walk or trip to the park).  She is absolutely impossible not to fall in love with, and she cannot wait to find her perfect family!

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Meet Boston, a handsome 5 year old black Labrador mix. He was brought in as a stray to Cobb County Animal Control, a high intake shelter, where he was being overlooked. Not for his lack of personality or good looks, but because he has heartworms. Heartworms are an easily preventable disease with monthly preventative, but sadly Boston didn’t receive the proper care in his former life.  We wanted to give this sweet boy the chance he deserves at living the good life, so we brought him into our rescue.

Since being in his foster home, he has really thrived and is learning how to do all the normal things well-loved pups do.  When he came to us he didn't know any basic commands, hadn't been house trained, and wasn't very accustomed to being treated as a family member. He's taken to the life of being loved very well! He can sit, stay, down, shake, walks perfectly on a leash and is now potty trained. We are currently working on his wait training, crate training and are at the tail end of him learning not to jump on us. Speaking of tail end, during his time at the shelter he developed "happy tail" which is caused by being such a happy dog and wagging his tail so much that he hurt the tippy top of it on the walls of his enclosure. He's recovered with the aid of a cushiony bandage you may see in some of his photos. Despite his happy demeanor, Boston is a really laid back guy.  His energy may pick up some after his heartworm treatment is finished, since that usually makes dogs a bit more lethargic, but he seems to be your typical lab personality. He just wants to be with you.  As with many dogs that have not had a stable home life, he does have some separation anxiety when left home alone in his crate.  He’s fine in it overnight if he knows you are home with him, but if you leave the house, he becomes very upset and desperately tries to escape his crate.  His foster home is working with him on this anxiety, particularly since he will need to remain on crate rest during his heartworm treatment in April.

We think Boston will probably do very well in a variety of homes. He gets along with other dogs, enjoys adventure, car rides as well as napping, and is very sociable with people. He does live with a bunny and does fine while she's caged but cats seem to really interest him and he chases them if given the opportunity, so he’d probably do best in a feline-free home. He will also need a tall fence or direct supervision when outside  - he gets anxious if left outside on his own and is able to jump over an average 4 foot fence.  If a sweet Velcro dog is what you are looking for, look no further than Boston.  He’d can’t wait to meet his new family!

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Shenzi is a fun girl weighing in at 35 pounds. As of March 2017, she’s approximately 18 months old. We’re guessing she’s some sort of shepherd mix, but that’s about as specific as we can get without knowing her parents. No matter her genetic makeup, she’s a sweet, fun, and clever girl!

Shenzi joined Helping Paws Rescue after the Rescue Coordinator at Dekalb County Animal Services asked Sara Beth to come out and evaluate her as a dog sport prospect. She’s bounced in and out of the shelter system several times in her young life (most recently for reportedly being too energetic and destructive), but the Rescue Coordinator thought these issues were a result of inadequate exercise and training. Sara Beth met her a few days later and couldn’t leave her at animal control, so she joined Helping Paws Rescue that day.

She’s been nothing but friendly and social with people since the moment she was home with Sara Beth. She loves hanging out and playing with her humans and wiggles her entire body whenever she sees a person (family, friend, or stranger!). She loves children too! She never learned that it was rude to jump when greeting, so we’re teaching her to keep all 4 paws on the floor if she wants attention or affection from people. Even though she’s been in the shelter far too often and bounced through multiple homes, she seems to be a well-adjusted dog. She enjoys riding in the car and walking and hiking with her foster family. She’s well-acquainted with the comforts of home (learning that she’s not allowed on the furniture) and entertains herself with chew bones or toys when no one is available to play. During her first week with Sara Beth, she was anxious in her crate when left alone (and destroyed a crate pan and a small rug underneath the crate), but has been stress-free since then and now settles in her crate without any issues. She tagged along on a few dog sports events and was unfazed by all of the sights and sounds (flapping shade clothes, clanging dumpsters, slamming doors, loud buzzers, etc.). She willingly participates in her twice weekly nail trims and displayed no discomfort or anxiety during her veterinary exam.

Shenzi participates in training sessions each day. She is house-trained and crate-trained, knows some of the basics (sit, down, go-to-crate, and walking politely on leash), and is currently working on a few others (wait, come when called, “leave it”, and offering her paw). Shenzi loves to tug, so she’s learning to retrieve by running out to pick up the toy and returning to her humans for some fun tugging. She’s making a lot of progress with learning “drop it” so that tugging can be used as a game or reward that starts and ends on the human’s terms, not Shenzi’s. She also loves chasing disc rollers, so her foster parents will be working on some disc foundations with her soon. When she initially started with their training sessions, Shenzi would not offer any behaviors except rolling on to her side, which is an unfortunate result of too much punishment and not enough reinforcement used during Shenzi’s former training. Lots of tug and opportunities to chase thrown food have increased her confidence, so she now wags her tail and enthusiastically participates in training sessions. Check out Shenzi’s website ( for videos of Shenzi as she learns new things!

Shenzi currently lives in a multi-dog household and has been integrated with her canine family. She comes on really strong with dogs and is a rough and tumble player, so it took several weeks for her to earn the privilege of off-leash playtime with her canine siblings. She and the 3 year old border collie mix are now best friends and enjoy wrestling and chasing each other around the yard and then passing out inside to recover from the enthusiastic play. She has learned that the 2 older dogs want nothing to do with her, so she’ll greet them politely then move on. She has very high prey drive so it is unlikely that she would do well in a home with small critters, birds, cats, or really small dogs.

Sara Beth trains her personal pets for agility, tricks, and disc and thinks that Shenzi has potential as a sports dog. She would definitely be a great addition to a pet “plus” home where hiking, playing, and training are part of her regular routine. She is an athletic little girl, is very food motivated, likes to tug and play with toys, and is becoming an enthusiastic student. For these reasons, we would love to find her a sports home where she could live up to her potential and play agility, disc, rally, obedience, or any other fun games.

Sponsored by the Somerville Family in memory of "Minga" Hinson (adopted from HPR in 2010)



Hattie is such a sweetheart! At first she may seem a little standoffish, but after proving yourself with a treat then she will be your best friend. She loves to get pets and cuddle up to you, but only once you invite her to do so. Her eyes are soulful and can break your heart, but behind those sad looking eyes is a very happy girl. She was found roaming the streets where she had been living for a number of months.

She may look and act a little older, but she is only a year and a half. That’s what life on the streets does to ya. She is such a good listener that in the rare case that she may misbehave, she will stop with a simple verbal correction. She can be a little barky only if someone is at the door or if she is scared. She is also a destroyer of plush toys, but loves to chew on bones! So far she knows sit and down, and we are working on shake. She is house, crate, and potty trained already. She also does not get on any furniture unless you permit her to do so. Despite her medium-low energy level, Hattie is very playful with others dogs and would do best in a multi-dog home, because she does not like being alone. Hattie is one of those sweet dogs that automatically wins the hearts of everyone she meets and anyone would be lucky to have her be a part of their family!

Sponsored in Honor of Special Honey Boy