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AdoptMEET VENUS - Adopted! Yay!

Behold! Venus the Great Labracadabra! This sweet girl magically steals the hearts of everyone she meets. Having a rabbit as a friend, knowing many tricks and sporting a striking black coat makes Venus a class act! If you're looking for a smart, motivated, happy pup then look no further than this crowd pleaser. She'll do anything for a treat! 

We are continually working on her basic commands as well as sharpening her manners. Venus is always soaking up the compliments on how well she behaves around guests in her foster home and out and about. And talk about versatile, this girl can go from playing her heart of with her doggie friends, taking a leisure walk around the neighborhood to snuggling up on her bed for night time. 

Venus is completely crate trained, knows sit, wait, down, off, leave it, and walks well on a leash. Did we mention she's only 4 months old?! Her need to please attitude and fun personality is so easy to work with! 

We think Venus would do well in any home setting. She does well with all other dogs, rabbits, cats, children, vacuum cleaners, loud cars/noises, crowds, nail trims, baths, car rides, vets offices.... everything except flip flops... Her puppy instincts to chew have strayed her from her otherwise perfect behavior, but we're working on it!! 

Be sure to get those applications in quick, Venus is anxious to show off her skills and potentially meet her new family!!

Energy: Typical puppy
Dominance Level: Moderate
Good With Cats: Yes
Good With Children: Yes
Grooming Needs: Low

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Hattie is such a sweetheart! At first she may seem a little standoffish, but after proving yourself with a treat then she will be your best friend. She loves to get pets and cuddle up to you, but only once you invite her to do so. Her eyes are soulful and can break your heart, but behind those sad looking eyes is a very happy girl. She was found roaming the streets where she had been living for a number of months.

She may look and act a little older, but she is only a year and a half. That’s what life on the streets does to ya. She is such a good listener that in the rare case that she may misbehave, she will stop with a simple verbal correction. She can be a little barky only if someone is at the door or if she is scared. She is also a destroyer of plush toys, but loves to chew on bones! So far she knows sit and down, and we are working on shake. She is house, crate, and potty trained already. She also does not get on any furniture unless you permit her to do so. Despite her medium-low energy level, Hattie is very playful with others dogs and would do best in a multi-dog home, because she does not like being alone. Hattie is one of those sweet dogs that automatically wins the hearts of everyone she meets and anyone would be lucky to have her be a part of their family!

Energy: Moderate
Dominance Level: Moderate
Good With Cats: Yes
Good With Children: ?
Grooming Needs: Low

Sponsored in Honor of Special Honey Boy