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AdoptMEET CHEQ (Courtesty Listing for Employee)

Meet Cheq! He is a 1.5-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix that is looking for his forever home. He is truly a 55 pound cuddle bug. This handsome man is already house broken and is proving to be trustworthy when out in the home alone. Cheq LOVES people, and does extremely well with children. He takes treats very gently and is a complete gentleman with his manners. He knows sit and down and is proving to be very smart and eager to learn. He is incredibly sweet and loves to cuddle! He will drown you in kisses and even give you hugs! He is very good at keeping himself entertained and is a huge fan of his toys. His favorite thing to do is play a good game of tug-of-war, he could do it for hours!

Cheq hasn’t had the best start to his life. After spending a good part of his life outside, chained up and emaciated, he made his way into the hearts of all of us that worked together to save him. Unfortunately, his owner that saved him from being chained up outside could not afford to care for him and had to surrender him to animal control. Cheq was never properly socialized with other dogs, so he struggles with being appropriate towards them. This made him one of the less “adoptable” dogs at animal control so when they got full, he was in trouble. A couple hours before he was supposed to be put down, we stepped in and saved him. We all believe he is well deserving of a fair chance at life and that’s what we are going to give him!

 We have worked with Cheq on both cats and dogs. As of right now, he should not be in a home with cats, but is showing great improvement with playing with a female dog he currently lives with. He still isn’t comfortable with male dogs, which may or may not ever change. So, unless someone has the time and experience to properly introduce him and work with him on how to appropriately play with other dogs, he should be the only dog in the home. Since Cheq is a huge cuddle bug, I don’t think he will mind having all of the attention of his new family!

Cheq is up to date on vaccinations and is already neutered, so he is ready to go as soon as he finds the perfect family! If you are interested and would like to meet Cheq, or just want to learn more about him, give us a call at 706-362-1402 or email us at!


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Meet Red, a treeing walker coonhound that’s not even quite a year old! Pictures do not do him justice. This long legged guy has all the best attributes of a hound; the drool, the stubbornness, and the intelligence. The best thing though, he isn’t as loud as most hounds! Red is young, so he’s still learning his manners and is still quite uncoordinated, which is very entertaining to watch (just check out the short video clip). He is mostly house broken, with only the occasional accident here and there, and is doing great with crate training. He’s even already walking nicely on a leash!

We've only had Red for a short while, but so far he's been a delightfully happy, friendly boy with all the qualities you would expect from a young hound.  He's sociable, confident, and very intelligent.  He loves to learn new things, but can be easily distracted and gets bored easily, so you have to be patient and creative in your training with him.  He's not a lab that will just sit 20x in a row for the same cookie.  If the game isn't interesting or varied, hounds will find something more stimulating to engage in.  Also in true hound form, he can be a bit hard-headed, so you have to be up to the task of enforcing consistent rules for him to follow to make sure he doesn't run the show.  Someone with an appreciation for that quintessential hound personality is what Red is looking for, but his new family doesn't have to be an expert in hound training.  He's pretty easy as far as hounds go, so even a newer hound connoisseur would be a good fit for this handsome guy.  Red has normal puppy energy, so he needs a secure, fenced in area to stretch out his long legs and get some energy out.

He LOVES dogs but is still learning how to play appropriately, so having another patient and tolerant dog in the house would be a good fit for him.  In his current foster home he lives with a young lab and another hound mix and he gets along great with both.  He has also met the cat in his foster home.  Initially he wanted to bark at her, but now he just ignores her since she proved to be a less entertaining playmate than his canine roommates.  He is very excited by cats on walks (what dog isn't!), but with proper introductions in the home, we believe he would be ok with cats in the home.  He has met a few small dogs as well, but he likes to try and play with them by thumping them with his big ole feet.  Some small dogs don't mind, but daintier ones might not appreciate his playstyle.  Red is very gentle with people, so we believe he’d be suitable in a home with children. But since he’s still uncoordinated himself and working on manners, he would need to be watched closely with very small children because he could accidentally knock them over with his clumsy adolescent self.

We will be updating his bio as we get to know him a bit better over the next few weeks.  If you’re interested, call our Eastside location at (706) 850-8744 to set up a time to meet him! Red is a wonderful guy and is going to make a great companion for whoever he ends up with!

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From the moment that we met Hazel, we knew she was going to be a hoot! Even while she was stuck at Animal Control, she was such a happy, goofy, girl who didn’t let her circumstances dampen her sunny disposition! When we took her out to an interaction pen, she had a blast zooming around and showering us with immediate, unconditional love. We couldn’t leave without her!  

We think she’s about 2 years old and is a petite 42 lbs. so she’s big enough to play rough & tumble with her foster sister, a large black lab, but also small enough to scoop up and carry around like a baby. She LOVES playing with other dogs, and has been doing well in our doggie daycare, making new friends every day. She also spent a couple of weeks living with a smaller dog, and while her play was a bit much for him on occasion, she respected him when he would tell her no.  She can be a little dominant when interacting with her doggie friends, but she’s learning to be more polite, and has so much fun!

She has done well meeting a few children, acting curious but also very sweet. However, we have noticed her try to “referee” people (and dogs) when they move too fast, so it is possible she’d try to herd kids if they are running around.  She does have a prey drive, so she may not do very well with cats in the house. However, as long as she has a person to snuggle up to and spend tons of time with, she will be incredibly content! She loves companionship and will follow her humans around, just waiting for them to sit down and snuggle with her or give her affection.  She is definitely a lover!  When she’s not snuggling with people or playing with her canine friends, some of Hazel’s favorite activities include taking plush toys in her mouth and flinging her head around with them, wallowing on blankets, and watching TV (she perks up with interest and cocks her head anytime she hears it make intriguing noises).  She is doing great learning basic commands: she will “sit” and “wait” for her food and at doors, and is working on “down”. She’s also learning how to walk politely on a leash and to keep all four feet on the floor when she meets people.  She is a very smart girl who just wants to please her people. She becomes attached very quickly and she can’t wait to find her “furever” home!




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Copeland is a two year old beagle with lots of love to share! He is a small little guy weighing in at about 24 pounds.

Copeland loves the nickname “Cope” and has quickly caught onto his name! He was brought to Barrow County Animal Control as an owner surrender just four short weeks ago. In his original home he lived outside and did not get much human or dog interaction. Since he was pulled by Helping Paws Rescue he has made major strides to be ready for his forever home. Meeting his foster siblings did not come easy at first, but he has recently started to engage in appropriate play.

This sweet little beagle is currently looking for a home without children. Although he is great with adult humans, he prefers when people take a slower approach to meeting him rather than quick and forceful. He is also in search for a family with a dog or maybe two similar to him in size. When this sweet little guy engages in play he prefers to find friends his own size. Copeland prefers to meet new dog friends outside in open space. As he has not had a indoor home before, he sometimes finds it intimidating when new friends come into his foster home full of energy. Cope does well with greetings on the leash but sometimes gets too excited and wants to be vocal in the face of the other dog. Some dogs (not his foster brothers) are not as receptive to this greeting, we are constantly working on meeting new dogs. Copeland loves to visit restaurants!  He has always been polite when interacting with humans in public places. Upon initial greeting with a new human, Cope is hesitant in his body language. He will sit and bow his head to the floor offering you the opportunity to pet him. Once the initial greeting is out of the way, he is all love looking up to you (while holding a sit) with his adorable beagle eyes.

Copeland initially did not know common house manners or rules. With a background of being kept outdoors, potty training was up utmost importance. His foster mom is very happy to report that in the past two weeks he has not had any accidents in the house. Beagles are very smart and he has shown that in his ability to catch onto crate and potty training so quickly. That said, Cope is a beagle and they are notorious for being a little noisey. He is very good in the crate if he can see you, but the second he can not see you he likes to let you know with his adorable little beagle howl. We are constantly working on this behavior and find the water bottle to be a good mechanism for effective training for Copeland.

This cutie would be a great addition to multiple types of homes as long as they do not have little human children (but feline friendly home are ok). Copeland is learning more and more everyday. He enjoys relaxing days watching movies but also loves to go on a good hike. This little man is full of adventure at a moderate energy level. In his free time at his foster home he is a frequent visitor to the toy box! His absolute favorite is the old fashioned tennis ball. He will steal your heart quickly tossing the ball into the air ultimately playing with himself. Although Cope prefers dogs of his own size he became friendly with his black lab brother, Coal, with time. His foster mom believes it would be a on case by case basis for homes with larger dogs. Copeland also prefers small groups of dogs rather than large. Playing with other canine friends is new so we are hopeful with time he will become more comfortable and accepting of environments like daycare.  He has just recently became more food/ treat motivated so our training is coming along nicely. He can sit nicely and wait for his food and has the potential to learn many more cool tricks. This awesome beagle would be a great loving addition to your home!

Sponsored by the Klonowskis "In honor and memory of our sweet Bernard"