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Welcome to Pawtropolis - your source for all things pets! Since 2001 our mission has been to create an environment where dogs and cats are safe, healthy, and mentally stimulated. Enriching activities – hikes, playtimes, pool time and much more – mean your pet has more fun and less anxiety. Pawtropolis’ trained staff consider the unique needs of your pet to ensure a pleasant stay. Our ultimate goal is to have every dog pulling their owners in our door and every cat looking forward to Kitty City!

Want to see "behind the scenes"?

With social media being all the rage, we rarely update our website with fun pictures of what goes on at Pawtropolis. Instead we flood our Facebook with pictures everyday; funny pictures, cute pictures, staff pictures, rescue pictures and There is even a photo album called "A Typical Monday". We love people posting to our page, sharing their own pictures and commenting on our posts.

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Hold on New Dog Enrollment

Turning new dogs away that want to join our daycare breaks our heart. However, our priority is having safe and fun daycare groups. One of the ways we ensure safe and fun play groups is by limiting the number of dogs in each playgroup. This number is determined by the size of the physical space available, the number of supervising staff, and the size and temperament of the dogs that make up the play groups. In an effort to provide daycare space for our current clients, we have to stop accepting new dogs throughout the summer. We are working hard to figure out how to expand to accomodate more daycare dogs.

Our Core Values

We put the care of the animals above ALL else.

We create fun and happy experiences for clients.

We lead by example by being responsible pet owners.

We value the lives of all dogs by rescuing abandoned, unwanted and neglected animals.

We build trust with our clients by having high personal integrity and honesty.

Contact Us

Athens Eastside: 706-850-8744
   Fax: 706-850-8748

Athens Westside: 706-227-7887
   Fax: 706-208-0808